Slide decks have many uses across all types of organizational communication. They can be key to a successful presentation in a session or panel at a conference or in a webinar. They can help deliver quarterly budget results to department heads. Or they can serve as pitch deck designs for meetings with prospective clients. The options are endless. But how you design your slide deck makes all the difference. Your audience should be suitably impressed with your visual presentation. But they shouldn’t be so distracted that they tune out what you’re saying. So here are 4 ways to use custom, visual-first presentations to drive success — and results. 

1. Impressive Pitch Deck Design

Slide from pitch deck design showing town with bus and signs for Bigger Picture

Aside from a visit to your company website, your pitch deck might be the first visual exposure to your brand for a potential customer or investor. And you know what they say about first impressions! Do you want to leave your audience with positive takeaways about your presentation and your company? In that case, focus on a pitch deck design that keeps text to a minimum and stands out visually. And make sure it follows your brand guidelines to maintain cohesion across materials. One presentation deck created for Bigger Picture did just that.

So make the right first impression through your visual presentation. In this way, you create a lasting experience that can put you ahead of the competition.

2. Report As Visual Presentation

Data visualization from a Bluetooth interactive annual report

Annual report design and other forms of ops and revenue reporting thrive on visual content to convey key points. Without data visualization, the typical annual report would be a wall of text. Worse yet, it could be a spreadsheet with key cells highlighted. You can certainly start there. But you owe it to your results — and to your stakeholders — to draw out those key messages more clearly.

So consider not only creating a visual annual report, but a slide deck presentation that shares just the most important findings. In this way, you enable your organization to identify next steps and show the right way forward. That’s because quality visual content can emphasize what a spreadsheet or block of text would likely bury.

The annual report pictured above leveraged both interactive and presentation design techniques. Here’s how.

3. Engaging Webinar

Visual presentation slide for webinar about motion graphics and conversions

There are many possible formats for a webinar. Yet, a strong visual presentation deck is one of the fundamentals for most events. That’s because it allows you to clearly delineate subsections and topics, emphasize key points, and use visual metaphors or data visualization to complement what you’re saying. And these benefits all work together to improve understanding and retention. Combining visuals with your oral presentation could be more than 6x more effective than an oral presentation alone.

So remember to keep your webinar design focused on a single most important goal, and ensure it’s on brand. That’s because this maximizes value and brand recognition. A presentation design agency can help you achieve these results and amplify your next webinar.

Check out upcoming webinars like the one shown above.

4. Unforgettable Conference or Guest Speaking Session

Amy Balliett on stage delivering a pitch about visual communication using presentation deck design

Think about TED Talks, SXSW presentations, and other large-scale, on-stage presentations. What do they have in common? Well, the speakers at almost all of these events use high-quality visual aids — usually slide decks — to supplement the info they’re presenting. 

If you want your presentation to work at the same level, you need to learn from the best. Maybe you’re delivering a product pitch at a consumer trade show. Or you could be debuting a breakthrough in healthcare technology. You might even be providing a private skills training session to an organization, or leading a pitch meeting. Whatever the case, using smart slide deck design will elevate engagement and memorability. 

Killer founder and CEO Amy Balliett has spoken at more than 175 conferences and presentations around the world. And she’s never without a slide deck design to accompany the information she shares with each audience. See her speak on visual communication.

Your Next Presentation Should Be Driven By Visuals

The Visual-First Method is a targeted approach to tackling most internal and external business communications. And quality visual presentation and pitch deck design are perfect proofs of concept. That’s because, when executed correctly, they can show how enacting this method in your organization can boost engagement and retention. So make your next slide deck memorable. And consider our presentation design services to get started.