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Visual Solutions to Train Employees, Customers, and Share Important HR Information

Lengthy manuals and text-based forms used to work — because they had to. Today, there are much better options for educating your team, whether you’re introducing new processes or reiterating existing ones. Whether through a single medium or combination of mediums, training tools can now take on a new approach that speaks visually to your entire team. Make sure your next initiative is seen and understood company-wide. Take a look at some of the corporate communication initiatives the Killer team has helped our clients with, ranging from interactive infographics to murals and more.

Training Tools: Panasonic Performance Management through Communication

Series: BECU Learning Modules, Motion Graphics, Infographics

Gates Foundation Postsecondary Education Campaign

Interactive Content: Using an Underground Storage Tank

Corporate Communication and Training Tools F.A.Q.s

Visual communication isn’t just for your customers and clients. Incorporating visual content into your strategy for internal communications is a smart move for generating engagement, spreading awareness, and achieving buy-in within and across departments.

But it’s not as simple as adding extra charts and graphs into your presentation design — a full strategic evaluation is needed to determine what collateral you need, when, and why.

How can an outside agency help develop my internal training and HR tools?

It can be intimidating to pass over your detailed and nuanced internal communications to an outside firm. You may wonder if they’ll “get it,” and if they can really capture the essence of how your organization sets its people up for success. Our collaborative process allows us to speak with you in-depth about your organization, your team, your current communication strategy, and your vision for the future, so that we can amp up your training tools. Killer Visual Strategies can help with internal infographics, presentations, motion graphics, and more.

Do I need to come to Killer knowing what types of content I need?

You might know that you need a presentation deck template, but aren’t sure how to translate your lengthy training manuals into more digestible pieces. You may have several types of collateral currently, and are interested in consolidating. Or, you might just need to talk through the pile of training tools on your desk to figure out what direction you want to go. Our consultative onboarding process allows us to meet you wherever you are in ideation and provide our own expert suggestions on what new or updated collateral you may need.

I know that branding is important for communications with our target consumers and clients — why does it matter for internal messaging?

The costs of poor internal communications could match those of ineffective marketing initiatives. Without the proper attention to onboarding, training, HR, and internal communication materials, your colleagues and employees can end up confused, frustrated, or even burned out.  

Businesses lose $13.5M for every 1,000 employees when ineffective training tools result in extra costs. The Visual-First Method is a strategic approach that helps spread awareness and generate buy-in for the use of effective visual communication across both external and internal communications in your organization. Our ebook on this topic explains this in more detail.


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