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For quarterly or annual meetings, lectures, training seminars, webinars, and so much more, presentation deck design is essential to your audience’s engagement, comprehension, and information retention. While the presentation you deliver should contain the bulk of the content, the design of your slides is just as important, if not even more important. For this reason, you may need the services of an agency that specializes in compelling presentation design.

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Our Presentation Deck Design Portfolio

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Slide Deck: Bigger Picture Company Overview

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Nikon Slide Deck: Tips for Wedding Photos That Take the Cake

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Mitel Power Point Deck

Presentation Slide Design: A Definition

A study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that, after 3 days following a training or educational presentation, people remember:

  • 10% of information from an oral presentation
  • 35% of info from a visual presentation
  • 65% of info from a combined visual and oral presentation

With this in mind, it’s clear that you must use visuals to supplement a speech, whether you’re in a conference room, expo space, or board room. Consistent, custom and quality visuals can make all the difference in how effective and memorable your presentation will be.

Presentation decks can be created in any number of slide deck design programs, from PowerPoint to Prezi to Adobe Illustrator. Each of these programs delivers unique results when it comes to quality and level of customization. But no matter how you approach the design, the goal should be the same: each individual slide should contribute to a larger narrative in a cohesive way. 

By leveraging an expert visual communication partner for your presentation slide designs, you can produce a presentation that complements and enhances your speech. And when it comes to closing business deals and delivering a return on your investment, the quality of that slide design can make all the difference. 

The Case for Presentation Slide Design Services

Many of the programs used to compile slide designs come with suggested templates. So if all that formatting a design decision work is done for you, why should you invest in a custom design?

One big reason is that custom content converts better. And while a presentation deck isn’t always a sales tool, the reasons someone might feel confident enough to convert on a custom-designed landing page could be the same reasons why they’re convinced by your presentation. By engaging custom presentation design services, you communicate that you care about the message you’re sharing and have put considerable time and thought into your delivery. This, in turn, says to potential customers that you’ll put the same time and thought into what you produce for them.

While clip art requires only the click of a button, custom imagery requires a visual strategy with significant planning around concrete goals. But the effort doesn’t just ensure the content aligns with your goals and your brand — it more than delivers a return on your investment.

Over time, audiences have developed a keen eye for stock imagery and icons. And when they recognize it, it can quickly cheapen your content. In fact, one eye-tracking study showed that audiences completely ignore stock images. So resist the temptation to copy that default template and paste in a stock illustration. Consult an expert for a design that’s created specifically for your goals.

What Infographic Design & Slide Design Have in Common

Now you know why custom design for your slides is so important. But what are the best practices of presentation slide deck design? You may be surprised to learn that they aren’t too different from those of infographic design. In fact, both of these services fall under the umbrella of visual communication.

Just like infographics, strong visual presentation decks incorporate:

  • Consistent color palette, font choices, and icon and illustration styles throughout
  • Predominant use of visuals to convey information
  • A “less is more” approach to text, adding only what’s necessary to explain the visuals
  • Effective data visualization for any statistics and data points
  • Clear hierarchy of information
  • Logical organization divided by sections

By following these tenets of great visual content design, you’ll have a set of slides that not only accomplish your core goals, but paint your organization and your message in the best light.

Presentation Design F.A.Q.s

Slide decks aren’t always paid much attention in terms of design. Modern tools and software have made things seem easy, but in reality many pre-packaged styles are outdated, off-brand, or just plain over-used. The importance of a polished presentation design that reflects your organization and/or your specific campaign is ever-increasing as viewers become more discerning when it comes to visual content.

What’s more, internal presentations may get lost in the shuffle of trying to polish slide decks for use at conferences or pitch meetings, but they are just as important. Whether being used as a training tool or to highlight your team’s achievements this past quarter, your presentation design says a lot about your involvement in your organization, your commitment to quality, and your pride in your work. It can be a lot to consider, particularly for those who aren’t visual content creators by trade.

Not to worry — Killer Visual Strategies is excited to help you with your presentation design goals.

How much content can I fit on each slide?

We believe presentations are about simplicity, allowing audiences to focus on the presenter rather than reading dense slides. Icons, illustrations, and data visualizations should lead the way, with short titles, subheads, and bullet points as the content. Because of this, we recommend 1 main subject per slide, with only 2-3 stats or key points maximum. These should be shown using as little copy as possible to communicate your message. If that sounds challenging, don’t worry — the Killer content team is ready to help!

Can Killer Visual Strategies write the content for my slide deck?

Of course! With an in-house expert team of researchers and writers, Killer Visual Strategies is ready to help any client put their findings into final written form. You may have a draft of your slide deck and need help with proofing, or you may have key insights and need help making sure the content fits your brand voice and tone. Wherever you are in the content process for your presentation, Killer will work with you to ensure your content is optimized for visual communication and on-target with your brand.

I know how to put images into a slide deck. Why do I need a visual communication partner to help with that?

If your organization already has an internal design team, or you’ve been making your own slide decks for years, you may be wondering why you shouldn’t just tackle presentation design in-house. The answer is that quality matters, and viewers have a more discerning eye for visual content than ever before.

Using what you have on-hand may mean mixing together icons that were created for different campaigns, incorporating outdated color palettes from old assets, or settling for imagery that isn’t truly the best choice for the story because you can’t find the right fit. Custom design by visual communication experts ensures your visuals are putting in the work to tell your story the right way.

How many slides should my presentation be?

This varies quite a bit depending on your audience, the time allotment for your presentation, and the amount of detailed depth your presentation needs. Killer will work with you to determine the right number of slides for your presentation design. With that said, it’s far better to have a large number of clear and highly concise slides than to have only a few slides that are just too dense for the audience to absorb.

Can I use infographics or motion graphics as part of my presentation?

There are lots of ways to incorporate other types of visual communication into your slide deck. If we’re designing an infographic related to the topic, Killer can design it in modular sections that will be easily broken up to feature on your slides. Likewise, we can embed shortform video, hyperlinks, and more to make your presentation as robust as you need it.

My team needs slide decks regularly for presentations every week/month/quarter. How can Killer help?

We can create easy-to-use slick deck templates that allow your team to swap out numbers when growth patterns change, add in a new photo of each quarterly leadership meeting, and more. This creates long-term consistency and introduces efficiencies for your team. We know that your next presentation can make a lasting impression on your audience, and that’s why presentation design – whether for a budget meeting or a panel at a conference — is a facet of your visual communication strategy that should not be overlooked.


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