Professional ebook design services with visual communication in mind

It’s a benefit to the community to share your expertise with other industry aficionados and newcomers alike. This is true for experts in any field. With dozens of ways to distribute that information — conferences, speaking engagements, articles, videos — organizations need to move beyond text-heavy explanations, tables of data sets, and other traditional long-form content to gain and hold the modern audience’s attention. Thought leadership and in-depth studies or reports can be difficult to summarize on a single page or infographic. However, professional ebook design services can use the principles of visual communication to propel your message in the right direction. Here are some of Killer’s favorite ebook designs through the years.

Nikon Slide Deck: Tips for Wedding Photos That Take the Cake

Nikon Slide Deck: Tips for Wedding Photos That Take the Cake

How One Infographic Turned into a Multi-Year<br />Visual Partnership

How One Infographic Turned into a Multi-Year
Visual Partnership

The NEA’s Multi-Year Visual
Communications Campaign

eBook Design Services F.A.Q.s

ebooks may be associated with other design services like white papers, annual reports, and more. Killer’s range of visual communication services helps us strategize for reports and ebook designs of all kinds. A professional ebook is typically a way to share thought leadership information through design. However, we ask questions and have thorough discussions upfront to ensure that our clients’ use of terms aligns with ours to avoid confusion. Here are some other common questions we receive about ebooks.

What's an ebook?

Ebooks are a highly visual way to showcase information. Often more brief than a longform report, they allow organizations to share expertise on a given subject. At Killer, we often use ebooks to explain unique concepts in visual communication. Check out our collection to get a better sense of how an ebook may work for your company.

Do I have to get rid of most of the text in my ebook in order to make it visual enough?

ebooks, like all forms of visual communication, benefit from a visual-driven approach to which text plays a supporting role. They’re highly effective when each page has a single focus or message. This makes sense, considering it’s been found that visuals convey information up to 60,000x faster than text! So, it’s not necessary for every page of an ebook design to be as text-light as a slide deck may be. However, it helps to keep things simple.

Can Killer Visual Strategies help write my ebook?

Your ebook design may showcase services and advancements in your own unique industry. Yet, the team at Killer Visual Strategies has helped many of our clients distill complex subject matter into a form that meets best practices for visual communication. Our in-house team of researchers and writers can proof your almost-final ebook text, or speak in-depth with your team to design a script from cover to cover. We’ll meet you at any stage in the content creation process for your ebook.


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