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In a world where visual communication — from Instagram posts to video to interactive experiences — is part of every conversation, organizations need to fundamentally change how they communicate, both internally and externally. Here’s how Killer Visual Strategies CEO Amy Balliett can help your business thrive in a visual world.

  • Since she founded Killer Visual Strategies in 2010, Amy Balliett has become one of the nation’s preeminent female CEOs and a thought leader in visual communication. She shares her expertise through corporate workshops, professional development seminars, and online marketing courses that are custom-designed for each organization’s unique needs.

Amy Balliett is engaging, funny, clear, and provides excellent tips and pointers. Her instruction is superb; her delivery is authentic; and her body language reinforces her messages. I wish I could hire her RIGHT NOW for my company messaging. This is such great content. Nice job.

Student"Visual Communication for Business: The Marketer's Secret Weapon" LinkedIn Learning Course

I love this course! Required content for founders of startups.

Student"Design a High-Impact Sell Sheet" LinkedIn Learning Course

Amy Balliett always provides great technical tips and theoretical discussion to address and solve problems. I appreciate that!

Student"Data Visualization: Best Practices" LinkedIn Learning Course

This was a fantastic course, quick and concise, with excellent examples and overall knowledge about infographics. Lots of great tips and shortcuts and valuable information on layout and distribution of infographics.

Student"Learning Infographic Design" LinkedIn Learning Course

Wow! Well done! The content was very useful, and the examples shared throughout were inspiring.

Student"Developing Visual Campaigns" LinkedIn Learning Course

Fantastic presenter, excellent communication skills and easy to understand. Explained in a very simple way such a complex topic.

Student"Learning Infographic Design" LinkedIn Learning Course

Why Visual Communication?

Corporate Communication Skills Training
Text Comprehension Visual Communication
  • To stay competitive and keep your employees engaged, your business must speak visually — not only as part of your content marketing strategy, but also in boardroom presentations, annual reports, and employee training and development.
Business Communication Skills Training
Visual Communication Skills Training and Development

Why Amy Balliett?

Author & Thought Leader

Amy Balliett wrote the book on visual communication — literally. Killer Visual Strategies: Engage Any Audience, Improve Comprehension, and Get Amazing Results Using Visual Communication is a comprehensive guide to creating visual content that’s engaging, inspiring — and that drives results.

Marketers, internal comms professionals, and designers can all learn fundamental skills that they can start to apply right away after reading this book. From the history of visual communication, to 8 rules you simply must follow, to project management strategies, you’ll walk away with the tools you need to make your next project a success.

Explore Amy's Book

Hands holding Killer Visual Strategies, a book by Amy Balliett

Acclaimed Guest Speaker

conference presentations and workshops, including:

Public Speaking on Visual Communication

Amy Balliett has spoken about visual communication all over the country and all over the world. Here are just a few of Amy’s engagements as a guest speaker from the last few years.

Seattle Interactive Conference


Visual Communication Educator

LinkedIn Learning classes
classes at the School of Visual Concepts
expert articles for

Host of the Strategic Content Summit

Amy Balliett is the host of a weekly webinar series that unites thought leaders in content marketing, content strategy, and design to discuss how to create more compelling content. Explore the list of speakers.

A Visual Communication Course for Marketers & Designers

In The Visual Minute, a Killer Visual Strategies–produced video series, Amy shares actionable insights on visual communication and visual content marketing. Here are a few of our favorite episodes.

How Sound Design Can Define Your Motion Graphic

The Basic Elements of Strong Interactive Design

The Art of the Slide Deck, Volume 1

Cross-Industry Visual Strategist

Fortune 500 companies trust Killer Visual Strategies
projects completed since 2010

Corporate Communication Is Visual

Visual communication isn’t just necessary for marketing departments — it’s essential for both internal and external business communication, no matter the field. Under Amy Balliett’s leadership, Killer Visual Strategies has developed communication and content marketing solutions for clients across a broad variety of industries. Here are some examples of how we’ve been able to help our clients.

Areas of Expertise


Visual Communication

Visual Content Marketing Strategy

Business Communication Skills

Business Marketing Strategy

Visual Marketing Campaigns

Public Relations

Sample Topics

Visual Content Marketing Strategies for Better Returns
Visual Communication in the Workplace
Visual Communication Skills Training for HR Departments
The Visual-First Method: Transforming Your Organization for a Visual World
A Visual Communication Design Workshop for Business Professionals
Visual Communication Skills That Will Advance Your Career
Business Communication Skills for a Visual World
How Visual Communication Can Make or Break Your Content Strategy

How You Can Hire Amy

  • Amy Balliett is available for 1-hour, half-day, and full-day engagements, both in person and online.
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Main-Stage Public Speaking

Private & Corporate Guest Speaking

Custom Workshops

Private Webinars

Want to learn more? You can also follow Amy on Twitter and LinkedIn.