eBook Cover Design on Visual Brand Strategy

How Visual Strategy Can Boost Revenue for Your Brand

Your company has invested a lot into developing an effective brand strategy. You’ve defined a brand personality and outlined what you stand for. You’ve addressed logistical considerations around the production, development, and delivery of your product or service. But how do you actually present that brand to potential customers? There’s brand strategy — and then there’s visual strategy, what your target audiences actually see. Any successful organization needs both.

Marketers and leaders estimate that their company revenue would grow by 33% if they always presented their brand consistently — but doing so requires a clearly defined strategy. You want every piece of visual content you design — from your social media assets to your home page to your next ebook cover — to communicate who you are and why audiences should care. They need to deliver a united and compelling message. And that means you need a clear plan in place.

Developing a visual strategy that builds upon your vision, mission, and values is no easy task. It requires answering some important questions about your goals, target audience, and more. That’s why this ebook features 3 worksheets that will help you develop a better understanding of these fundamentals. Print or fill out the worksheets digitally to share them with your team and start planning a visual strategy that truly communicates your brand to every audience.

This ebook, designed by the visual strategy and design experts at Killer Visual Strategies, will help you develop a goal-oriented, results-driven brand image across every channel.


  • 3 worksheets to help you build your visual strategy
  • 3 case studies showing how a variety of companies have approached visual strategy


  • Learn the difference between brand strategy and visual strategy — and why that difference matters.
  • Discover how a clear visual strategy can boost your company’s revenue, credibility, and reputation.
  • Explore how other companies have developed a visual strategy that complemented and elevated their brand.
  • Learn the key components of a visual strategy, then discover how to develop one for your company.
  • Walk away with ideas for visual content that are specific to your brand’s needs.

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