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Reports dominated by paragraphs of text, excessive tables, and auto-generated graphs have long been the norm. Yet they’ve lost appeal with today’s audiences. And many are not effective at making the most important information stand out. Through our custom white paper and annual report design services, our agency transforms text-heavy narratives into visually engaging content.

In your next annual report, infographic-inspired elements such as data visualizations, illustrations, and iconography can play a major role in engaging your external audiences and shareholders. They can also help your internal teams more easily identify patterns, problems, and opportunities. Conversely, text-only reports can obscure this type of information.

Explore the resources on this page and check out a few of our favorite projects below. You might even find inspiration for the design of your next annual report.

Our Annual Report Design Portfolio

Interactive: Bluetooth Annual Report

How One Infographic Turned into a Multi-Year<br />Visual Partnership

How One Infographic Turned into a Multi-Year
Visual Partnership

Interactive Content: The Solutions Project

Annual Report Design: A Definition

Organizations create annual reports for a variety of reasons — and often for a variety of audiences. They may want potential customers to know what their company has achieved. They may need to deliver such a report to shareholders. Or they may produce these documents for internal use, so that they can measure their progress and discover opportunities for improvement. It’s also possible that all of these cases may be true. 

But there is one thing all audiences have in common. It’s that humans find it inherently easier to learn from visuals than to learn from text. What’s more, text doesn’t differentiate between more and less important information: it all looks the same. So often, visual aids can go a long way toward improving our understanding. And with better understanding comes more engaged audiences — and audiences who can more easily find meaning and purpose in the report. 

Still, just any visual content won’t do. Data visualizations must be accurate. Icons and illustrations must highlight what’s most important. And you’ll need to decide how visuals will coexist in balance with text. 

That’s where an annual report design agency comes in. As is the case with any other category of design, annual report design is both a skill and an art form. It requires specialized training in visual communication — the development of creative content that accurately and effectively conveys information. And in order to achieve this, the designer must understand and be able to interpret the information at hand. It’s a tall order. Yet, there are designers who specialize in just that. 

Elements of a Visual Report

As we already mentioned, finding the right balance between visuals and text will be key. And a lot of this has to do with what audience you’re presenting to, and how. As a result, your annual report design may ultimately take on multiple formats. 

For instance, if you’re sharing key wins with potential customers, your annual report may take a more infographic-inspired approach, letting the visuals drive the story accompanied by minimal text. This audience doesn’t need to know every little detail, so focus on what’s most important. 

Of course, a report for stakeholders must contain a variety of required information. In this case, text will be heavier. However, you can use data visualizations and other visual elements to highlight key takeaways. 

Internally, you may choose to present your report in a variety of ways. One common choice is in the form of a presentation. Here, again, you’ll want to keep text to a minimum, and use visuals to complement and elevate your oral presentation. Data visualizations are especially useful in this context. 

Finding the Right Annual Report Design Agency Partner

You may feel that you can design the report yourself, and this may be the case — but if you’re not a designer, you may be missing an opportunity. That’s because most audiences today care about the quality of a design, and are quick to spot stock images or DIY designs. This means that poor quality might leave you looking unprofessional or unprepared. An annual report is the chance to show off your company and its achievements, so your design should put your best foot forward. 

So when looking for a creative content partner, seek an agency with extensive experience in data visualization, information visualization, and visual communication. They should have worked with companies across a variety of industries. This proves that they’re versatile and willing to do the work to understand your organization on a meaningful level. Finally, take a look at their portfolio to ensure there are a variety of design styles, and that you find some of these styles interesting or compelling.

Finding the right annual report design agency can mean the difference between a report that falls flat and one that engages, inspires, and even drives business growth.

White Paper & Annual Report Design F.A.Q.s

We live in a visual world. In it, companies need new ways to share their research and outputs. This is true for both internal and external insights. Visual communication can help bring engagement back into your report layout.

If your report is for digital use, you can incorporate multimedia approaches. Embed modules or videos to delight your users. These can take the place of some of the original text of your report, or just be optional. Either way, mixing up the ways you show info is helpful to funnel your content into clear sections. This approach guides viewers to focus on your key points.

With these techniques, you’ll improve engagement and comprehension. Whether viewers explore your annual report cover-to-cover or just scan through, they’ll walk away with more.

Do I have to get rid of the long-form copy in my report in order to make it visual?

Not at all! Some brands choose to condense their full-text report into an annual report infographic or series of highly visual summaries. Yet, we produce many reports that are dozens of pages or lengthier. These reports use visual communication to help viewers focus on key takeaways. This is helpful in times where viewers aren’t able to read the full text.

Does Killer Visual Strategies create monthly and quarterly reports as well?

Killer strategizes for, and designs, reports of all kinds. They go by many names: annual report, quarterly report, budget report, white paper, research report, and more. They may be time-bound or topic-bound, or both. Whether reporting on your budget for the quarter, your lab’s latest breakthrough, or your nonprofit’s 5-year performance and projections, Killer has the expertise and creative solutions to solve your reporting challenges.

I know how to put images into my document layout. Why do I need a visual communication partner to help with that?

If your company already has an internal design team, or you have some layout experience yourself, you may wonder why you shouldn’t just tackle annual report design in-house. The answer is that quality matters. Viewers have a more discerning eye for visual content than ever before.

Using what you have on-hand may be convenient in some ways. But it may mean mixing together icons that were created for different campaigns, using outdated color palettes from old assets, or settling for images that aren’t truly the best choice for the story. You could make any of these choices simply because you need to get the project done with limited resources. Custom design by visual communication experts ensures your visuals are putting in the work to tell your story the right way.

Can Killer Visual Strategies help me write my white paper or report?

With an in-house expert team of researchers and writers, Killer Visual Strategies is ready to help any client put their findings into final written form. You may have a draft and need help with proofing. Or you may have key insights and need help making sure the content fits your brand voice and tone. We’ll meet you wherever you are in the content process for your report. Killer ensures your content is optimized for visual communication and on-target with your brand.

What’s the right approach to summarize key takeaways of my annual report: infographics, motion graphics, or interactive infographics?

Every client’s needs are unique, and every report is varied. The choice of what form your content should take is best made with a detailed chat about your goals and your audience. With custom visual content, nothing is one-size-fits-all. We’d love to talk through your unique project needs! Contact us to set up a time to chat.


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