The Client Goal

Whyzer provides businesses with consumer polling solutions to better understand and engage with their customers. Through a simple online dashboard, businesses can create branded polls for use on Whyzer’s mobile app, within banner space on websites, and on social media. When the company approached us, they had a different name and visual style. They wanted us to help re-brand their service, design their dashboard, and create a new aesthetic for their polls.

The Solution


We developed a brand identity that included logo design, color direction, illustration styles, and visual communication guidelines to be used across Whyzer’s suite of business- and consumer-facing services.

Dashboard Design

After finalizing the brand direction, we worked with Whyzer’s UI specialist to design an interactive analytics dashboard for customers to display poll results and create new polls.

Mobile App Design

Because Whyzer wanted data visualizations to be used throughout the mobile interface, we designed multiple poll and results page templates that would cater to a wide array of users.

Empowering the Client

Because there are an infinite amount of polls that can be created within the Whyzer dashboard, we wanted to make sure the client had enough visual assets to meet demand. We created a visual workbench that included dozens of illustrations to be used within the dashboard itself and throughout a variety of polls.

This workbench consisted of character illustrations, iconography, and various types of data viz, which allow Whyzer partners the opportunity to truly customize their polls based on theme or topic. Customers can also change colors to match their brand, while the look and feel of the illustrations remain consistent with the Whyzer visual brand that we developed. This is meant to further brand recognition so that a Whyzer poll will stand out among the competition.