The Client Goal

After having produced annual reports for a number of years, the Seattle Department of Transportation needed a fresh, updated look to achieve their goal of building transparency about their data-driven decisions for their engaged audience of Seattle residents and city employees. With more than 20,000 data points, SDOT turned to us as visual experts to identify and execute an effective visual narrative that would provide clear communication to all readers.

The Solution

Working with such significant — and impactful — data indicated a need for multiple delivery formats, so we identified that a printed report and a corresponding interactive experience would provide viewers with ample opportunity to explore and understand SDOT’s findings. The pair of materials would offer flexible, customer-focused ways of relating to the information while asserting SDOT’s data-driven approach to their work. Because the annual findings are an important part of SDOT’s work, we created a visual direction that aligned with the SDOT brand but specified a few report-specific characteristics to define it as a touchstone of SDOT’s work. Today, the report and interactive piece provide all residents with a clear, visual, data-driven look into Seattle’s parking programs.