The Client Goal

Sportiqe is a custom apparel company whose product aims to exceed the quality and comfort of just about any other clothing company out there. (We’re fans here at Killer — on any given day, you can spot many of our employees in the office wearing a Sportiqe tee or hoodie with the Killer logo!) Still, it can be hard to communicate just how well-made and comfortable Sportiqe’s products are in the digital realm — so the company faced continued competition from lower-priced competitors.

After an in-depth market analysis, Sportiqe decided to refocus its messaging on B2B customers in order to emphasize just how quickly and easily businesses can order quality, custom-made apparel that their employees will really want to wear. The end goal was to boost the company’s brand recognition both online and off. Revising this messaging across channels meant that we needed to design a multimedia campaign capable of reaching target audiences on the channels that engage them most.

The Solution

Killer worked with Sportiqe to design a multi-pronged campaign with every action and deliverable tied to a clear ROI metric. To start, we wanted to select a design style that let the quality of Sportiqe’s product speak for itself; we determined the best way to do that  would be to showcase the product by incorporating photos and live-action video. Because designs with custom illustrations are 7x more likely to convert than photo and video alone, we incorporated illustrated and animated overlays utilizing a clean, line-art illustration style that would complement — not compete with — the live-action elements. Textual content and illustration were used to emphasize what could not be easily photographed, such as the custom craftsmanship built into every style and print.

As the foundation for Sportiqe’s new campaign, we designed 3 pieces of content, starting with a 1-minute video combining live action with animation overlay. Custom sound design communicated a blend of confidence and comfort, while footage of Sportiqe’s design and production process shows that Sportiqe is in-house, with real people available throughout your experience. Animation overlay, meanwhile, delivers the information viewers need to make an informed buying decision.

The next piece of content was a print brochure communicating not only what products Sportiqe offers, but how they’re made and why Sportiqe’s unique process makes them different. Finally, clients intrigued by the brochure needed to see the same clean, confident design and targeted messaging when they visited Sportiqe’s website, so Killer executed a homepage redesign. The goal was to blend data visualizations, high-quality product photos, and an improved conversion funnel for more confident buyers and better ROI.