The Client Goal

When Panasonic Avionics was spreading the word about their new internal communication platforms, they wanted to engage their team with a lighthearted introduction to the system and encourage employees to start using it and make the most of its capabilities. Because of the team’s mixed reaction — and a lack of clarity about the changes — Panasonic Avionics turned to us to provide some clear visual communication about the platform, its uses, and communication benefits to dispel their team’s uncertainties.

The Solution

We identified that pairing a poster with an interactive experience would communicate information about the system while also getting employees involved and interested in using it. The infographic provided a high-level, informative approach to the system and its uses. The interactive experience engaged team members by exploring the outcomes of specific situations in a friendly way. Consistent characters across the pieces, developed in a stand-alone character library, offered visual consistency to Panasonic Avionics’s pieces and created a cohesive experience that welcomed team members into their new internal platform.