The Client Goal

Near the end of 2014, SXSW approached us with the opportunity to create an infographic takeaway for their 2015 Interactive event program, to help guide attendees through the Austin conference with an intuitive map, tips to maximize their experience, and little-known opportunities to take advantage of. They also asked us to create smaller infographics throughout to help showcase event and attendee data.

The Poster

Because the main goal was to guide attendees through the often overwhelming experience of SXSW, we chose to create a 2-sided poster to be placed in the back of every program. One side provides a detailed map showing attendees how to get around the conference, while the other side includes a visual survival guide to SXSW Interactive.

Infographics to Spark Conversation

In addition to the guide, we also created 7 mini-infographics featuring demographic information about SXSW attendees. To get the most out of the event each year, it’s important that people have opportunities to network and connect, and the statistics visualized in these designs give attendees insight into their peers at the conference, providing unique talking points for discussion. The final infographics were placed throughout the event program, which can be viewed online here.