The Client

Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI) is an industry leader in health disparities research. They conduct surveys and release reports regularly on topics of great importance to the health community and the world at large. They also need their reports to connect with their own executives in charge of budgets, as well as funders or potential funders who may have a vested interest in helping communities in need, but don’t necessarily understand the needs of top importance. They first connected with us in 2017 to produce a compelling visual report from a randomized, representative, face-to-face community health survey; we went on to produce an additional report for them on the topic of gun violence.

Community Health Profiles Report

Looking to connect with community leaders, funders, and community members who could be funders, SUHI wanted an engaging way to share the results of their recent community health survey. The outcome had to be an authentic representation of communities, showcasing the most vulnerable areas in the Chicago area and showing how funding can help to improve physical, social, and mental wellbeing.

We designed a report with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, to capture the attention of all audiences — including those who were not yet funders, but could decide to contribute based on the impact of the report. SUHI had data from 9 different neighborhoods to share, but the types of data being shared were virtually identical with only the numbers themselves varying. Because of this, we were able to create a templatized report format that allowed us to easily swap in the information from each neighborhood to the template, saving SUHI both time and money on the project.

Exploring Non-Fatal Gun Violence Report

As a prominent medical facility in Chicago, Sinai Urban Health Institute sees and supports many patients who have experienced gun violence. SUHI is committed to serving these communities in the most effective ways through a proactive focus on learning and prevention. Their most recent research needed to be presented in a digestible format that would be able to share the depth of their results while highlighting recommendations based on data trends. This would equip key stakeholders with convincing arguments for additional funding and finance allocations in the area of gun violence education and prevention — messages that needed to reach Sinai executives as well as funders.

To execute on this need, we developed clear and effective charts and graphs to use alongside strategic photography and hierarchical typography, allowing viewers to consume key information in a variety of ways — deep dive, high-level visual content, or both. Flow charts and summary boxes also help to ensure that engagement stays high through periods of long-form text.

Sinai Community Health
Sinai Non-Fatal Gun Violence Report