The Client Goal

One of the top-ranking children’s hospitals in the US, Seattle Children’s provides expert care, research, and support for local families. Since 2013, the hospital has worked with Killer to produce infographics for their employees, donors, and community, placing an importance on visual communication early on. In 2017, we had the opportunity to develop infographic brand standards that established a visual language to be used across all infographic collateral produced hospital-wide. This brand standards book helped to ensure greater consistency and stronger presence of the brand among all of their audiences, emphasizing and communicating their efforts and impact. The collateral that we’ve produced for Seattle Children’s since has adhered to these standards and created a lasting cohesive aesthetic that the brand can really call their own.

The Solution

At the foundation of any brand are clear directives, so we set out to identify our visual directives in a robust guidelines document. By exploring color, typography, and visual elements alongside on-brand examples, we were able to establish a defined route to communication success. Including specific use cases allowed us to ensure that any Seattle Children’s team would be able to align any visual collateral with their brand.

We also had the opportunity to apply the guidelines to specific asks to support the Seattle Children’s communication efforts. A brochure with targeted visuals and nuanced type treatment captured a number-driven overview of Seattle Children’s fiscal year. With a more focused subject matter, their “Nursing by the Numbers” series offered a deeper dive into that data for a look at their nursing community and employed a variety of visualization styles that aligned with the treatments established in the brand guidelines. Their “Preventable Harm” poster, rich with icons and illustrations, brought prevention measures to life as an engaging, quick-to-digest message.

Through brochures, posters, and more, each piece of collateral is underpinned by a comprehensive brand identity that unifies the Seattle Children’s experience for its diverse communities.