The Client Goal

SCAN Health Plan provides affordable, effective healthcare and services for seniors. Their efforts to engage and support older communities have bridged awareness gaps via dedicated outreach about their mission and care opportunities. To communicate their diverse services, SCAN turned to us to help them produce visual messaging that would capture the attention of both new and existing members. They needed collateral to support multiple campaigns on diverse topics: the benefits of preferred in-network pharmacies, picking up 90-day supplies of medication vs. the typical 30-day supplies, optimal dental visit experiences, and more. Each campaign had unique needs tying into their full visual strategy.

The Solution

Approaching the SCAN brand, we knew that we wanted to craft visual collateral that felt both familiar and encouraging so readers would pursue SCAN’s important recommendations. For every campaign, we combined welcoming illustrations with direct yet conversational copy to engage SCAN members with their care opportunities. While the illustration style remained consistent, we emphasized unique colors in the SCAN palette to help distinguish between care areas. Visual differences, however, weren’t enough — we also needed make sure that SCAN members actually received the information. We structured each campaign with a suite of both web-based and print deliverables, from postcards to posters, to make sure that SCAN could spread the word and reach their members however members preferred. With a clear visual identity and diverse collateral formats, seniors could receive the information and care they needed.