The Client Goal

BECU, a financial cooperative, knows that financial health takes work. They provide a plethora of engaging resources for their members, from webinars to budget calculators. Having recently embarked on an identity refresh, BECU approached us to help them formalize a visual strategy that would appeal to their diverse community of members and bring BECU’s digital presence up to date. BECU was specifically interested in applying their visual direction to a suite of multimodal, educational curricula that would integrate their new visual identity with engaging, member-friendly resources. Following this project, they had needs for infographics and other collateral that would follow the same visual direction.

The Solution

We identified that a series of 4 interconnected motion graphics and interactive modules would best serve to introduce complicated topics and give members a clear takeaway from each experience. Each motion graphic introduces the topics and goals, while the modules take a deeper dive into exploring that concept with opportunities for individualization based on the member. By the end of each curriculum, a member can receive an overview to the topic as well as suggested goals or next steps. This approach gave BECU members the chance to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, while providing an encouraging outlook into their money matters. We went on to create infographics for other marketing needs with BECU later the same year.