The Client Goal

The Seattle Economic Development Commission (EDC) consists of well-known business leaders who came together to develop a plan to keep Seattle prosperous. Their goal was to inspire others in the city — particularly other local leaders — to unite under this cause. Most government plans are released as bulky, text-heavy documents, which are not always accessible enough for a wide range of residents. Because of this, the Office of Economic Development, in conjunction with the EDC, reached out to us for visual communication that would serve as a more digestible version of their plan for mass appeal and ease of consumption.

The Solution

Motion Graphic

By identifying 4 key initiatives and focus areas the Commission developed to drive success, the video was able to remain engaging and concise. The animation attracted a wide audience by using plenty of local references and an approachable illustration style, iconic of the city’s art scene. In under 2 minutes, the video introduced the key facets of the report while also explaining who the Economic Development Commission is. This video also acted as the introductory home-page video on the accompanying website we created.

Web Design & Development

The interactive website expanded upon the Commission’s 4 key initiatives and the focus areas developed to drive success. In addition, it offered the viewer a closer look at who is on the Commission and ways that economic leaders can become involved in Seattle’s growth. The website attracted a wide audience by using an approachable, clean style. All of the details could be easily updated as Seattle continues to grow and develop.