The Client Goal

Rover is a service to connect dog owners with reliable dog sitters and dog walkers. They wanted to forge a deeper connection with their community of pet lovers, and had begun collecting some valuable local and nationwide survey data from their users — an interaction that could help foster that connection. The next step was to find an appealing visual way to package the results while carrying their playful brand tone.  They hoped that infographic designs would boost brand awareness for users and newcomers alike, while helping to drive page views, social shares, inbound links, and media pickup as measures of engagement.

The Solution

Whether city-focused or national, all Rover projects required a strong theme to build a connection. With the city vs. city projects it was important to consider the local results that helped shape each unique dog-loving community, and that meant looking beyond the survey data to local highlights that would help viewers feel at home. The look and feel established in our first design, Seattle vs. San Francisco, set the tone for subsequent projects. Rover approached us with survey data on holiday plans and pet name popularity, and again we drew from their data as well as outside sources to create cohesive stories that users and newcomers alike could relate to. The infographics have been picked up by outlets like Good Morning America and Seattle Magazine.