“After an unsuccessful experience with a budget agency, we learned that going the cheaper route came at the cost of quality, time, and opportunity loss. When we switched to Killer Infographics, they quickly earned our trust and delivered perfection. We are so proud to promote our brand with the motion graphic and other products Killer produced for us. Our messaging is perfectly communicated in the graphics and the content is made to hold the attention of our audience.”

—MyConsultQ CEO and Founder, Becky Quammen

The Client

Many industries are driven by the gig economy, allowing individuals extra autonomy and flexibility within their career paths. While this phenomenon is especially popular in creative fields, its popularity is growing within the medical field as well — but leveraging this massive amount of talent isn’t easy. MyConsultQ is an on-demand resourcing service aimed at healthcare organizations that want to enlist freelance consultants without compromising on financial and management efficiency or on quality of service. They are made up of a network of skilled executives, project managers, clinicians, physicians, and technologists serving all types of healthcare organizations. By using the power of the online marketplace, MyConsultQ is able to break the barriers between healthcare organizations and expert talent.


Video Artwork

The Client Goal

MyConsultQ’s recent transition from a traditional consulting model to a more on-demand approach had the potential to position them as innovators and thought leaders in the healthcare space. To best demonstrate the value of this new opportunity with potential users — companies and talent — they needed to both explain how this gig economy works within healthcare and showcase their key value propositions, instilling confidence and generating excitement with their base.

Much of MyConsultQ’s marketing strategy is centered around exhibiting at industry trade shows. To draw people into their booth, MyConsultQ needed a strong visual presence that would pique attendees’ interest from across the floor while quickly telling their story. For MyConsultQ, successful visual content would drive engagement at the booth; this would result in more qualified and educated leads, allowing the sales team to focus on closing.

The Solution

Before coming to Killer, MyConsultQ had engaged a budget agency to produce a motion graphic with this goal in mind. While the agency felt like a good match at the onset, the restricted budget came with a set of challenges: difficulties with communication and creative execution led to both an experience and an end result that MyConsultQ just wasn’t happy with.

After a frustrating first attempt, MyConsultQ reached out to us for a fresh start. With a looming deadline and no room for error, our team set to work on entirely rethinking their visual strategy and developing the right visual content for their needs.

We were able to quickly determine the best strategy for MyConsultQ’s goals, and then set ourselves to rebuilding the motion graphic narrative from the ground up. We focused on developing a visual language that would pull trade show attendees into their booth, where MyConsultQ’s expert sales team could then close deals. Because the motion graphic would most often be viewed in a trade show setting — without sound — we knew we couldn’t rely on any audio cues to carry the narrative; this meant we’d be relying entirely on visuals. By shortening the narrative and developing abstract imagery we effectively simplified and communicated MyConsultQ’s complex on-demand healthcare staffing solution.

                 Business Card

PowerPoint Template

MyConsultQ has displayed the motion graphic at numerous trade shows, with the result of increased foot traffic to their booth and more excitement around their product. Leads were more qualified, having better understood MyConsultQ’s unique value.