The Client Goal

Remitly offers an easy, affordable way to send money online — no matter the device. Intrinsic to the company are their cultural values, driving how the Remitly team achieves their mission and delivers their work. When plans formed for a new office, they identified that displaying their values on their office walls would be a lively addition to the décor while serving to inspire their team every day.

The Solution

Remitly approached us with a few defined wall areas in mind. With 14 core values, we wanted to ensure each one had a dedicated visual moment while emphasizing how each contributes to the company’s approach to their work. We identified that a series of 3 murals would best capture the Remitly spirit while providing the space to visually represent each value. By working with a visual theme and dividing the competencies into specific categories, we found opportunities to highlight each value in an inspirational visual moment. With a colorful, textured illustration style, we captured emotion and depth, offering a vibrant experience that brought the Remitly team values to life. We designed the mural series and an accompanying suite of icons for their team’s use, and the Remitly team applied the murals right onto their office walls!