The Client Goal

AstraZeneca is a global leader in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research and development. About a week in advance of World Kidney Day in March of 2019, AstraZeneca’s cardiovascular renal metabolic (CVRM) team reached out to Killer needing assets to promote World Kidney Day events internally across their multinational campuses. The assets also served to remind the AstraZeneca team that they had launched 2 new renal medicines in the year prior — a milestone accomplishment for the organization. With no time to waste, we set out to develop content and design for emails, posters, wall clings, digital flyers, and other assets featuring quotes from real medical patients battling renal diseases such as chronic kidney disease (CKD).

We’ve been honored to partner with AstraZeneca on myriad campaigns for both internal use (such as annual leadership meetings and corporate events) and external audiences (social media assets and more). So we were thrilled for the chance to work with the AstraZeneca team again to develop a multimedia internal campaign. 

Our Solution: Medical Patient Stories on Flyers, Poster Design, and More

Since we’d already established a look and feel aligning with the CVRM arm of the AstraZeneca brand, a visual language involving colors, fonts, and a workbench of assets were already at our disposal to jump quickly into design. We knew that portrait photography was a favorite of this client’s, so we were able to leverage corporate-approved imagery to efficiently assemble complete designs with the addition of limited text and select iconography. 

The resulting work, while definitely produced on a quick turn, not only met everydeadline, but delighted the team and accomplished their 3 goals: 

  • Spreading awareness ahead of the events
  • Wayfinding during the events
  • And leaving lasting impressions, both digital and print, when the event was complete. 

On this page you can see examples of the posters, wall clings, and digital flyers featuring quotes from medical patients (with personal information redacted).

Kidney health medical flyer design

World Kidney Day wall cling poster design

Kidney health poster design for pharmaceutical company