The Client Goal

PG Cruises, a luxury small-ship experience that sails French Polynesia, wanted to branch out of their standard messaging approach and create a new way of attracting cruise attendees in advance of their primary sales season. While making sure that their brand stood out was key, PG Cruises also measured success by whether fresh materials were easy to use by both their sales team and travel affiliates.

The Solution

In learning more about PG Cruises and the sales process for selling cruises, our team of visual strategy experts, designers, content writers, and project managers tapped into the fact that personalization is essential for keeping audiences engaged. And that meant that sales representatives needed to be able to tailor subject matter to their customers — often with smaller, bite-sized pieces of content targeted to individual customers’ interests. The PG team had an extensive collection of B-roll footage and photography, so we suggested that a series of modular videos could showcase the best of what makes PG Cruises unique. 

We created a collection of brief motion graphics that incorporated live-action video with animation overlay. Each highlighted a unique facet of the cruise experience, and could be used to entice cruise attendees with a snapshot look at a specific feature. Then we combined those motion graphics into a full-length video for viewers interested in learning more. 

We achieved a cohesive look and feel by incorporating PG Cruises’ tattoo-inspired aesthetic and icons that channeled French Polynesia. As a whole, the motion graphics balanced flexibility, personality, and well-defined subjects to inspire sales representatives and customers alike.