The Client

PEMCO is “a lot like you. A little different.” Founded in 1949, they are the Northwest’s largest local mutual insurance company providing protection for home, auto, and boat. PEMCO works hard to build relationships with their policyholders, not just because they’re providing protection but because they are their customers — they drive the same roads, share the same neighborhoods, and support the same charities. By knowing the struggles of their customers on a personal level they are able to provide custom care and a memorable insurance experience.

For PEMCO, informative content is crucial to building relationships with their policyholders and adding value to their communities. In 2016 they launched a new communication strategy that focused on creating content that demonstrated how “PEMCO gets it.” Going forward, all content needed to be as evergreen as possible, driving engagement through social media, building trust with their base, and aligning with their brand positioning for the long term.

The Client Goal

As a piece of this larger content strategy, PEMCO partnered with Killer to produce on-message content that would both educate and entertain their online fans and followers from the Pacific Northwest. The new strategy mandated that content be “findable, shareable, and talkable” and connect with 2 key audiences: customers and homeowners ages 35+ and a general market of people ages 20+.

PEMCO looked to Killer to strategize, concept, and develop a social media visual campaign that connected with these audiences across all of PEMCO’s social outlets. The more engaging that content could be, the more conversations it could start within the community, resulting in an impact that was bigger than numbers.


Motion Artwork

The Solution

To drive engagement, longevity, and authenticity while speaking to PEMCO’s audiences, we created a campaign of 15 short motion graphic videos spanning 4 different insurance-related topics. Taking guidance from PEMCO’s new content strategy, each motion graphic employed light-hearted language and playful creative direction to entertain and inform viewers, motivating them to share the content with their network.

It was important for each of the 4 categories to utilize its own distinct art direction, while still feeling unified under an overarching visual language developed for the campaign: this would help capture audience attention uniquely for each category. We went with a style that was fun without feeling cartoony or childish, complemented by a rich color palette and shading to create depth.

The motion graphics are posted on PEMCO’s social channels and receive regular engagement from viewers.

Key Takeaways

The Results

PEMCO posted the videos one-by-one on their social media channels, eliciting an enthusiastic response from their followers. The motion graphics are able to stand next to content they have created previously with a consistent voice throughout, and are also able to stand on their own as individual pieces that show the personality of PEMCO and speak to their audience in a way that shows, “they get it”.