Risks of catastrophic event NTI

Factors that magnify the risk of a catastrophic biological event

The Client

In 2018, Killer Visual Strategies had the opportunity to create an interactive infographic for the Nuclear Threat Initiative. The Nuclear Threat Initiative works to protect our lives, environment, and quality of life now and for future generations. They work to prevent catastrophic attacks with weapons of mass destruction and disruption (WMDD)—nuclear, biological, radiological, chemical, and cyber. This nonpartisan organization was founded by former US Senator Sam Nunn and philanthropist Ted Turner in 2001.

The Client Goal

NTI sought an accessible, easy-to-understand solution to educate viewers on the importance of biosecurity capacity in the United States and around the world, and to better inform leaders  around the globe on the importance of taking action to improve preparedness as it relates to accidental or intentional biological events.

In exploring the consequences of a deliberate disease outbreak, NTI aimed to demonstrate how interventions and preventative measures can improve real-time analysis and reporting, reduce response times, and — most importantly — save human lives. Sharing such insights with a broad audience in a highly accessible and engaging medium could help policymakers, health officials, and international organizations make more informed decisions and build strategic prevention plans.

Ways to prevent a catastrophic biological event

The Solution

The Target Audience

Killer Visual Strategies helped NTI identify 4 key audience segments for this advocacy message:

  • US decision-makers, including members of Congress, congressional staff, administration representatives, and US department and agency leaders
  • Global decision-makers, including partner nations in the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and key international organizations
  • Civil society, including nongovernmental organizations, advocacy groups, and policy influencers
  • Private sector entities, such as the GHSA Private Sector Roundtable

Content Strategy

Because these audiences may possess only limited familiarity with the topic of biosecurity, we determined the best path forward was to craft a narrative around a dramatized biological attack. Through this lens, we were able to craft a story that would feel both relevant and compelling for a global audience, all the while sharing metrics around preparedness levels, risk, and prevention strategies.

Interactive Design

The best delivery method was determined to be an interactive infographic housed on a unique landing page. The infographic employs an objective, journalistic tone, while prioritizing visual and interactive design elements in order to increase understanding and engagement. The interactive functionality invites users to engage with the information at a deeper level; as users scroll, for example, they are drawn in to the ongoing, catastrophic results of a dramatized attack. Viewers are empowered to connect the dots between this dramatized attack and the international community’s generally limited preparedness for such an attack.


Near the bottom of the interactive microsite, as the narrative draws to a close, visitors encounter multiple calls-to-action designed to help spread the word about this landing page. They are encouraged to share the page on social media, click through to additional resources, and fill out a form to become involved with NTI’s efforts.

View the final interactive infographic below.

Results from the First 30 Days

The interactive landing page has resonated with the 4 key audience segments, with senior ranking government officials from around the globe responding positively and praising NTI’s efforts at providing this critical information in an easy-to-understand and actionable format.

Interactive Infographic return on investment
Interactive Infographic return on investment

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Interactive Infographic Facebook Click-Through

The landing page that Killer Visual Strategies built for NTI continues to provide critical information on biosecurity and prevention for key decision-makers around the globe.

View the NTI’s interactive infographic here or check it out below.