The Client Goal

The Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) creates partnerships among local, regional, and global health organizations, advocating understanding of the need for and benefits of global health. In the summer of 2015, they were gearing up for the release of their upcoming Washington Global Health Landscape Study — a look at the state’s global health organizations, initiatives, and impact. Alongside the report, which was traditionally text-based, they needed print-, web-, and presentation-friendly visual communication to tell the study’s story in a different way. The print pieces would be handed out at the study’s release event, while the web infographics were needed for organizations to download and share, and slides needed for presenting key information at meetings.

The Solution

With 4 main stories to tell, we developed 4 individual trifold brochures that allowed space for standardized text like methodology and a mission statement across all designs. With rich numerical information throughout the study, we had many opportunities for data visualization to help simplify large data sets. WGHA’s style guide influenced the palette and fonts used in all of the pieces. A clean aesthetic was employed to let the information and the numbers be the most important takeaway. By starting with modular layouts on the print pieces, it was simple to rearrange sections into a vertical scroll format and a separate slide format once the print versions were ready to go. The infographics were a hit on Twitter, with photos of the trifolds and images of the web graphics retweeted by notable names like Planned Parenthood, UW Medicine, and Governor Jay Inslee.

infographic brochure