The Client Goal

For years, Killer Visual Strategies has partnered with Carrington College on a variety of projects to help drive attention to their various educational programs while also growing their thought leadership. After primarily working on static infographics with us, they decided they wanted to test the impact a motion graphic might have on their content marketing goals. They were looking for a compelling concept that would position Carrington College as a thought leader, generating interest and attracting new generations of students to their medical programs.

The Solution

After much thought, we agreed to tackle the controversial topic of vaccinology and dispel the myths of vaccines being harmful. By choosing a heated topic, we knew that we had to approach the content with a thorough overview, so we chose to make the motion graphic just over three minutes in length; double the length we would normally suggest. To connect with the audience while ensuring accurate reporting on the topic, we needed to strike the right balance between scientific vernacular and everyday language.

The solution was a conversational and approachable narrator backed by solid research and a firm grounding in science. A flat design and an engaging animation style carried the visual narrative. We chose to transition most scenes through shape-shifting, a unique effect that required frame-by-frame animation to allow objects to morph into one another, much like the shifting and changing of viruses over time. The end result is an informative — yet informal — story that garnered much attention online, including a repost by Upworthy that led to nearly 1 million views in the first few weeks following the launch of this motion graphic.

Motion Graphic Views in 1st Month:

of viewers watch the full video.*

*On average, only 40% of viewers watch the full length of a motion graphic over 90 seconds.

The Results

Simply creating the motion graphic was not enough to accomplish Carrington’s goals. We knew that we would have to get it in front of the right audiences to encourage views. We worked with Carrington to identify a go-to-market strategy that included both parties releasing the motion graphic on our social media channels while we also notified press. The results were beyond our expectations.

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