The Client Goal

LifeBridge Health is a nonprofit collection of healthcare facilities in the Baltimore area. Their unique network allows them to provide innovative solutions in both everyday care and more emergent situations. Curious about motion graphics, they partnered with our team at Killer Visual Strategies to produce a video explaining the medical services that their virtual healthcare command center provides. 

This command center is a network allowing a comprehensive blend of digital and in-person care for incredible agility and efficiency in offering expert evaluations. The goal was to inform audiences about how integrated and effective this method of care really is.

Our Solution: A Medical Motion Graphic with a Story to Tell

The story of this motion graphic follows George, a patient who’s experiencing worsening symptoms and reaches out to LifeBridge’s call center for help. The care team dispatches an in-person team and goes on to connect with physicians, including George’s routine care providers, to get a complete picture of his health and symptoms and to identify the best next steps to take. 

This narrative allowed LifeBridge to show the full suite of services available to their patients. The viewer should be able to picture themselves in George’s place. From there, they can also imagine what it would be like to receive this type of integrated care. The incorporation of this character elevates the motion graphic from a simple explainer video detailing medical services and features, to a story that viewers can relate to. It helps viewers more easily understand how LifeBridge can benefit them.