The Client Goal provides personal finance services with in-browser and app interfaces, allowing consumers to organize their spending by category and really see where their money is going. The company needed ongoing infographic designs on a variety of engaging finance and budget topics in order to keep their blog exciting for new and return visitors. Mint wanted to be sure that the graphics were vibrant enough to capture the attention of its diverse audience base while also providing useful and sound financial information.

The Solution

Due to Mint’s high monthly demand, we engaged in a year-long retainer, with the option to renew annually. This has allowed Mint to lock in a fixed rate per project, while allowing us to forge a strong relationship with the company to better anticipate and adapt to their needs.

A standard 1000-pixel width works well for Mint’s blog since it offers viewers a click-to-view-full-image option — in that way, the full-size design doesn’t have to dominate the page, but still provides enough context for the viewer to know what to expect. As for topics, we employ both seasonal and evergreen content to appeal to viewers with a variety of financial inquiries year-round. The infographics often spark discussion on Mint’s blog, keeping viewers engaged and returning to the blog regularly.