The Client Goal

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington provides high-quality and affordable health services to communities throughout Washington State. To deepen their relationship with their community partners and inspire collaboration, the Kaiser Foundation team asked Killer to design a pamphlet that outlined their four areas of focus in medical and patient communities: Access to Care, Economic Security, Healthy Food and Physical Activity, and Mental Health.

Our Solution: A Medical Pamphlet Design

Kaiser originally approached us to design a double-sided one-sheeter, but after exploring their goals and messages for this deliverable, we decided a four-page pamphlet would best suit their needs. 

To help tell Kaiser’s story in a clear and impactful way, we balanced photography with a cohesive set of icons that illustrated how Kaiser was working to implement their goals across the four focus areas in their community. The icons could also be used by Kaiser in additional materials beyond the flyer, giving them the freedom and flexibility to continue to share their message across future deliverables.

We provided Kaiser with two versions of the final pamphlet design, one that could be shared digitally and one that Kaiser could print and mail to medical partners in the community.


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Kaiser Medical Flyer Design with photo of hiker

Medical pamphlet design with icons about Kaiser initiatives