The Client Goal

After a successful first project together, Red Bull Music Academy reached out and asked us to pitch some new ideas for their website. One of those ideas was an interactive piece exploring the history of distortion in rock music. Our contact encouraged us to further develop the concept, and, after a few brainstorming sessions, we realized that it would be awesome to pair text with audio clips. We presented a fleshed out proposal to the RBMA team and they gave us the green light to begin.

The Solution

Early on, we knew we wanted a unique audio visualizer to serve as the heart of this project, and our development team started work on that right away. So as not to clash, we chose an understated look for the rest of the design, featuring flat blocks of color. An easy-to-navigate layout emphasized the copy, which was based on hours of research undertaken by our content team. As a final step, we added the music samples created by the RBMA team, which brought the visualizer to life.