The Client Goal

Ookla, the web metrics company behind the widely used, came to us after deciding to up their content marketing output. Their plan was to produce interactive market reports that highlighted their expertise in the field. Ookla was developing a CMS that would allow their team members to easily choose from a buffet of charts and graphs to generate custom reports on the fly; they needed our help with the look and feel of the data visualizations.

The Solution

Keeping in mind Ookla’s brand guidelines — and working closely with their development team — we began crafting custom line graphs and bar charts that could be easily modified and placed into a report. To appeal to the company’s tech-savvy audience, we chose a clean style featuring cool-toned colors and subtle gradients, and, per the client’s request, kept all animations simple and quick. In the end, Ookla felt they received exactly what they were looking for, and continue to use these assets in their frequent reports.

Ookla Dashboard Design