The Client Goal

Safe Kids Worldwide is a Washington, D.C.-based organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children. Founded in 1988, they now work with over 400 coalitions in the United States and partner with organizations in 30 countries globally to reduce childhood injuries. In March 2016, Safe Kids approached us to help ideate and execute on an interactive experience in partnership with General Motors and the GM Foundation. The goal of the project was to create an informative piece that would raise awareness of, and reduce the number of, preventable deaths caused by vehicle crashes.

The Solution

To convey the seriousness of the statistics in a meaningful way, we knew the copy and design would have to capture the attention of teens without being such a youthful approach that it would distance parents. We worked closely with Safe Kids from concepting through content revision and wireframe to first nail down a tone and aesthetic that met those criteria, marrying a bright palette with blunt but not explicit visuals that show what can happen when readers don’t stay safe. Navigating the content is as simple as scrolling, which ensures that each viewer can see and understand all of the information without needing to dive into complex functionality. The Safe Kids team was super happy with the finished product, which went on to receive some local news coverage.