The Client Goal

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) is Arizona’s environmental regulatory agency, whose mission is to protect and enhance the state’s public health and environment. They came to us with a request for an interactive project that would highlight potential compliance issues for owners and operators of underground (fuel) storage tanks. A prior attempt at a clickable diagram had been been abandoned, and they hoped we could execute on the same concept more effectively. We were thrilled by the opportunity to apply our visual communication expertise to a new arena.

The Solution

As we quickly learned, nearly every part of an underground storage tank bears a particular set of regulations — which meant our diagram needed to be extremely detailed. We chose a clean line art style that allowed us to illustrate mechanical and electrical components with precision, but that was still inviting and aesthetically pleasing. To make sure we represented all components correctly, we worked from reference photos supplied by the client. And because the diagram was so complex, we made sure to keep the interactivity fairly simple — just clickable elements and corresponding modal pop ups. The ADEQ team was happy with the result and felt we had accomplished all their goals for the project.

Click below to interact with the online tool: