The Client Goal

A global expert in polymer-based solutions across multiple technical industries, REHAU’s materials development expands capabilities for all sorts of environments, from refrigerator doors to piping to airplane seals. Such engineering is bolstered by data that proves effectiveness and efficiency — but it’s essential to communicate benefits in a helpful, energizing way. REHAU engaged us to help advance their messaging to manufacturers, contractors, engineers, and more, using visual communication to further their impact.

The Solution

A key element that sets REHAU apart is how their audiences have the potential to fall on any vertical of an industry. We knew that we needed visual messaging that would inform and delight viewers, so we targeted concepts and styles that introduced some whimsy into the material. For website icons, we honed in on the REHAU brand while developing high-level scenes that contained details accurate to the technology at hand. For polymer-specific infographics, we combined visual concepts with styles that balanced technical lines with friendly color palettes and detail. This approach allowed us to infuse some easily recognizable situations — assembly lines, piping structures — with moments of humor (e.g.: robots or superheroes that put products to the test). Balancing visuals in this way provided opportunities to communicate material specifications without the burden of significant text, making the infographics ones that communicated to all of REHAU’s key audiences.