The Client Goal

The Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit organization, works to protect our lives, environment, and quality of life by reducing the threat of catastrophic attacks with weapons of mass destruction and disruption. NTI was looking for a partner to help educate Congress and other key decision-makers on pandemic preparedness and biosecurity in order to maintain and increase funding and resources for this issue. To do this, NTI wanted to share important health information through a powerful narrative and compelling data visualization.

Our Solution: A Global Health Motion Graphic Powered by Data Visualization

When NTI first approached the Killer team, they originally requested an interactive infographic. But after exploring the subject matter and learning more about NTI’s goals and audience, Killer recommended that a motion graphic would actually be a better fit for their needs. We wrote and produced a 90-second motion graphic that opens with an abstract image of an infectious disease spreading from a central point. Animated data visualization clearly depicts budget reductions to health security programs. The final video communicates the positive impact of the CDC’s efforts and the importance of maintaining its programs and offices in order to protect lives, economies, and global security.

This wasn’t the only time we worked with the Nuclear Threat Initiative. Check out the our case study on the interactive infographic site we created for NTI. You can also explore more of Killer’s marketing and internal comms projects for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.