The Client Goal

The Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) strives to create a healthy, vibrant downtown, providing leadership and working to address challenges for Seattle’s urban center. In advance of their annual meeting, DSA approached us to help turn their event’s collateral from individual elements into a cohesive experience. While they had an existing brand, it was important to establish a visual language for the pieces that would represent this specific event. From there, they knew they’d need several types of assets to engage attendees before and during the event, along with takeaways to remember key points afterward. Happily, the opportunity also allowed us to learn more about the DSA and become members ourselves, since our main office resides on the edge of downtown Seattle.

The Solution

Before diving into individual pieces of meeting collateral, we sat down with the DSA team to tease out their brand’s nuances and shape those into a unique language for the event itself, helping to differentiate this meeting from an earlier member-oriented event. We finalized an approach that balanced photography with line-art icons. The photo treatment, which used line-focused windows, offered opportunities for highlighting photo elements and interesting animation effects while harkening back to the DSA brand. Single-color icons provided straightforward visual communication, fusing effortlessly with surrounding text. We applied this visual direction to an event invitation, program, report, presentation, and motion graphic, providing DSA members with a cohesive visual experience for a multi-faceted event.