The Client Goal

Carbon, a company specializing in 3D printing, partnered with sporting equipment maker Riddell to build a next-generation football helmet. In tandem with the Super Bowl, they were hoping to announce their partnership and reveal their innovative approach to building football helmets, made safer and more breathable thanks to a personalized, 3D-printed interior liner. 

The Solution

Killer designed a series of 6 GIFs illustrating each step in the liner-printing process, from the molecular level to the football field. The entire project team — from content writers and project managers to designers and animators — worked together to determine the best way to visualize each stage as a compelling GIF. We concluded that a contemporary, line-art design style would accurately communicate the incredible precision of Carbon’s machines without overcomplicating the explanation. 

The resulting series, published on Carbon’s website in addition to other channels, illustrated just how innovative these new helmet liners were in a way that was accessible to any audience. The visual campaign generated excitement among such NFL greats as Peyton Manning and built awareness in football communities about a technology that could make an enormous difference in players’ lives and careers.