The Client Goal

In 2018, JLL hosted an event, Seattle: Behind the Curtain, for potential customers from around the world in order to drive attention to the Seattle commercial real estate market. The goal was to encourage investing in Seattle, the Emerald City — so, appropriately, the collateral would need to be Wizard of Oz–themed, but would also need to achieve a delicate balance that would not use such imagery too heavy-handedly. JLL wanted us to produce a variety of collateral that would reach audiences in multiple ways before and during the event.

The Solution

We decided to produce a motion graphic, a pre-event email, and three event signs as a means of connecting with our target audiences on multiple platforms, both before and during the JLL event. The email was designed to inspire intrigue and curiosity among potential attendees by employing minimal text combined with a red curtain. The signs maintained a consistent design style. The motion graphic was used to open the event and was seen by C-level executives from every Fortune 500 company in Seattle, so its goal had to be different than that of the email and signs. The motion graphic aimed to evangelize all the possibilities the Seattle real estate market has to offer, especially for investors. An inspiring, positive soundtrack was combined with energizing animation involving quick cuts and illustrating continual movement and growth in the market. Overall, the end result was a multifaceted campaign that was able to achieve several goals using distinct assets specially designed for their contexts.