When it comes to visual presentation design, there are many ways to succeed. But unfortunately, there are just as many ways to lose your audience’s attention. We’ve all sat through presentations where we were excited about the subject, but distracted or disappointed by the slides. Whether they contained too much text, confusing visuals, or inconsistent branding, the result was the same. These slides hurt — rather than enhanced — the overall experience. And that’s why partnering with a presentation design agency with expertise in visual communication and visual storytelling may be the key to your success — whether you’re developing your next pitch deck design, or preparing for an upcoming meeting, webinar, or conference.

From manufacturing to technology to government and the public sector, presentations in every industry benefit from visual content. So below are some of our favorite examples of how thoughtful slide design can employ data visualization, illustrations, iconography, and more for great results.

Power & Transport Tech Campaign

Cummins is a a Fortune 500 leader in transportation and power technologies. And with internal and external audiences to impress, they wanted to put forward a fresh face. We began our campaign by developing an art direction that would help Cummins stand out to its employees and customers alike. Then we created ample visual collateral in alignment with that art direction, what we call a “visual language.” This included presentation designs, but also motion graphics, social assets, infographics, and more.

Check out our full visual campaign for Cummins.

Photo Guide Presentation Design


Nikon wanted to create a slide deck coaching photographers on tips for taking great wedding photos. The deck would be aimed at novices. The narrative would highlight the benefits of different lenses without necessarily leaning on a hard sell. In this case, the deck was meant to be viewed independently — not during an in-person presentation. Because of that, it made sense in this case to include more text than on a typical design.

View the slide deck for Nikon.

Presentation Design for an Ad Agency Pitch Deck

Bigger Picture ad agency presentation slide design with schoolbus tunnel and cityscape

Based in Killer’s home region in the Pacific Northwest, ad agency Bigger Picture sought regional clients to help boost their advertising success. In order to do this, they needed an attractive pitch deck. It should also explain who they are, the value they’d provided to their clients thus far, and how they could add value to any organization in the future. Killer highlighted the agency’s values, personality, and track record in the resulting presentation design.

See the ad agency pitch deck.

Event Collateral for Annual Meeting

Our neighbors at the Downtown Seattle Association needed a campaign of conference collateral for their upcoming annual meeting. So we strategically crafted custom content that would help drive success for the event. We produced an invitation and program, a full report, a motion graphic, and the presentation deck design for the event. 

View the DSA conference collateral campaign.

Quality Matters

A slide deck design should be just as memorable as the presenter themselves. With that said, connect with an expert presentation design agency to make sure it’s memorable for the right reasons. This includes attractiveness, clarity, consistency, and concision.