A Broad Sampling of Our Strategic & Graphic Design Services: Infographics, Motion Graphics, Interactive Content & More

Killer Visual Strategies began as one of the West Coast’s first infographic design firms. You may have known us as “Killer Infographics” then. Today, we’re the leading visual communication agency in the nation. This niche sets us apart. More specific than graphic design services, we provide companies with visual content strategies. As a result, our portfolio shows our full range of visual content and strategy options. Take a look below.

Motion Graphic: Seth Godin vs. Guy Kawasaki

We offer infographics, motion graphics, interactive media, print design, conference collateral, annual reports, data visualization, ebooks, and many more visual communication and graphic design services. But with thousands of projects to our name, we can only show a small sample of our work here. In need of specific examples? Have a question about our services? Don’t hesitate to connect with our team! We’d love to chat about what visual communication can do for your company.


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