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Visual Communication, Internal Comms, & Marketing Collateral Examples

When you’re looking for a creative partner, it’s important to seek out versatility. A visual communication agency whose portfolio includes examples from a broad range of industries is more likely to be able to work within your industry. That’s because the most successful agencies work to truly get to know your business, prioritize your goals, and provide the best visual communication and marketing collateral possible based on examples of your favorite work. They’re experienced at creating work that fits your brand, as well as making recommendations on when and where to depart from that brand. When you’re working with an agency that’s skilled in visual strategy and visual storytelling, you can feel more confident that they’ll be able to tell your brand story.

At Killer Visual Strategies, we’ve partnered with clients across more industries than we can count. We feel confident in our team’s ability to truly understand your story and goals, even if we haven’t worked in your particular industry before. That’s because, time and again, we’ve partnered with clients whose business or product was new territory for us. And time and again, we’ve been able to deliver visual communication content and marketing collateral that exceeded those clients’ expectations — examples of which are linked below.

Still, you’d probably like to see visual strategy and storytelling examples in your industry. We get it. That’s why you can click through the icons below to check out visual content from your industry. There, you’ll find a wide variety of projects that can serve as inspiration for your next campaign — and that prove the breadth of what Killer can produce for your company.