The animation team at Killer Visual Strategies has been producing some of the web’s best motion graphics since 2011, just a year after our company was founded. Back then, we were known as Killer Infographics, a name we outgrew as our capabilities expanded. Our success with infographics inspired clients to trust us with other important deliverables. In turn, that led to the birth of our motion graphics studio.

Our expert in-house team produces animation styles for every audience. They do this by working collaboratively with our project teams — accounts teams, project managers, content editors, and designers — to build successful animated videos from the ground up. We plan every phase of production to hit each client’s unique goals. What’s more, we encourage honest and frequent communication to keep the project on the right track.

The way we do this has been honed over years of experience with diverse clients. We’ve produced branded video content for nonprofits, startups, SMBs, and Fortune 100 companies. In doing so, we’ve worked with clients in finance, marketing, technology, health care and medical technology, construction, real estate, manufacturing, education … the list goes on and on.

This experience has taught our team a lot about animation and branded video best practices — and in the process, we’ve become one of the best motion graphic companies in the world. Because of this, we love to share what we’ve learned with our colleagues and clients through blog posts, ebooks, webinars, speaking engagements, and more. On this page are 8 of our favorite blog posts about motion graphics to date. We hope you learn a bit more about our company and our expertise as you read through them! And if you’re looking for an animation agency to produce your next visual campaign, drop us a line. We’d love to chat through your specific goals.

1. How Much Is Your Motion Graphic Worth?

Header showing a motion graphic about to be clicked with a cursor

There are many reasons why the best companies invest in motion graphics. Video content resonates with key audience personas. What’s more, it’s the preferred medium for the vast majority of audiences. But the ultimate “why” behind external-facing motion graphics, or any visual marketing content? The same as for any marketing spend: return on investment.

2. Consider Enhancing Live Action with Animation for Motion Graphics

Motion graphics design agency illustration

A video can be live-action, animated, or anywhere in between. Motion graphics, on the other hand, always incorporate animation of some kind. So what are the benefits of adding animation to your video? Why would you make this decision? What types of animation could you introduce? What will a motion graphic design agency do for you?

3. Don’t Skip This Part of the Motion Graphics Process

Motion graphics storyboard with sketch of shapes representing job seekers

While it’s tempting to jump straight into artwork and animation, you first need to establish the story for your motion graphic. What will it say, and how will you say it? We recommend starting your journey with a script and scene direction, honing these components until the message is concisely and effectively communicated. Next, bring it to life in a storyboard. Why not move from scripting and scene direction to design? We’ll tell you! Check out our blog post about what a storyboard is.

4. For Video Design, It’s All in the Details

Elements of motion graphic design including sound animation voiceover and more

At a high level, most videos have 2 main methods of communication: audio and visuals. But what goes into these components can vary considerably between each video. You may have a voiceover, or not. You may have just a score, or you may also have sound effects. You may animate still images on and off the screen, or these images may move and change with full animation. This post breaks down the nuance of motion design: the audio and visual components that make each video unique.

5. Look for These Characteristics of the Best Motion Graphics Companies

Creative Project Management Illustration showing 3 people working together to build content

You can find a motion graphics designer on a freelance hub, at a boutique agency, at a large content marketing firm, or even on your own in-house team. But what makes them the right one for you? This post breaks down some of the talents and characteristics that set great motion graphic companies apart from the rest. From how they work together to where they find inspiration, take these tips to heart when choosing your next motion graphics partner.

6. Get Your Video in Front of the Right Viewers

Image from video of a rocket launch with viewer icons on the sides

If you’re making videos for marketing purposes, you want those videos to sprout wings and reach your target audiences. This doesn’t happen by accident. There’s a science to the way you share and promote your content so that it will not only appeal to, but be easy to locate by your core viewers. Read up about sharing your motion graphic to help your next video find its intended audiences.

More About Video, Motion Graphics, & Animation

Want to learn even more about how video can enrich your company’s internal and external communications? We have plenty of resources across our site, many of which are linked in this post. Please explore, but if you’d rather speak with us directly, you can do that here!