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The best motion graphics from our designers and animators

In a strong motion graphic (sometimes called an animated or motion infographic), animation combines with short-form text, voiceover, an original score, and sound design to form a story. Whether it introduces a new product or service, educates an audience on a critical issue, asks for action, or is just intended to inspire, all of these components need to work harmoniously to create a cohesive experience for the viewer. 

While we offer myriad visual communication services, many think of Killer as a motion graphics agency because of the number of animations we’ve produced for our clients to-date. Our team also includes expert motion graphics designers and animators on staff and in-house. We are constantly pushing our boundaries and looking for the next video challenge. Check out some of our favorite motion graphics so far. 

Motion Graphic: Healthcare Facility Brings Medical Services to Life

Motion Graphic: Healthcare Facility Brings Medical Services to Life

Motion Graphic Campaign: Visiting
a Tahitian Paradise with PG Cruises

Animated GIF Series: Carbon & Riddell’s
Next-Gen Football Helmets

Cummins Visual Language Design and Campaign

Series: BECU Learning Modules, Motion Graphics, Infographics

Motion Graphic: Explaining The Need for Reinsurance with Swiss Re

Motion Graphic: Find the Founder in You

Gates Foundation Postsecondary Education

Motion Graphic: Zillow

Campaign: JLL Emerald City

Campaign: JLL Emerald City

Multimedia: Epson 3LCD Technology

How one motion graphic campaign drove a 12X increase in social media engagement

Quality Matters: How choosing the right Visual Communication agency elevated one brand

How a Motion Graphic on Vaccines
Generated Over 1 Million Views

How One Infographic Turned into a Multi-Year<br />Visual Partnership

How One Infographic Turned into a Multi-Year
Visual Partnership

The NEA’s Multi-Year Visual
Communications Campaign

Motion Graphic: RealTimes Series

Motion Graphic: Seattle Valley

Motion Graphic: National Aquarium

Motion Graphic: Seattle — A History of Innovation

Motion Graphic: A Day on the Happy Egg Co Farm

Motion Graphic: Deep Web

Motion Graphic:

Motion Graphic & Animated Logo: HasOffers Postback

Motion Graphic: Solid Ground 40th Anniversary

Motion Graphic: EveryMove

Seattle EDC Outreach Campaign

Motion Graphic: Adventures of a Startup Kid

Motion Graphic: Rethinking Enterprise Mobility Strategies

Motion Graphic: Caradigm Solutions for Population Health

Motion Graphics: GeekWire Awards Bumpers

Motion Graphic: Streamline Water

Motion Graphic: Aberdeen Asset Management

Motion Graphic: iStock Video Takes Over the World

Motion Graphic: Introducing Appnetic

Motion Graphic: Seth Godin vs. Guy Kawasaki

Motion Graphic and Video F.A.Q.s

At a high level, a motion graphic may be:

  • Emotive (used to inspire action or elicit a specific emotion)
  • Promotional (used to promote a product/service/initiative)
  • Explainer (used to break down a process/product/concept)

Many nuanced details go into determining what type of video you need, as well as executing to achieve the specific goals of each category. When working with our team, we will help you manage all of these details while developing a narrative and aesthetic that keeps your goals and audience top of mind.

For designers, creating a motion graphic isn’t quite as simple as animating a long-scroll web-based or printed infographic. While a visual campaign might include a motion graphic and infographic on the same topic, and they may share some artwork, the goals of each piece vary, as do the layout and technical requirements. We plan for distinct use cases at the outset of a campaign to avoid motion-infographic hybrids that miss the mark.

Motion graphics are a strong choice for many kinds of storytelling. It’s common for clients to approach us knowing they want a video, but it’s important to talk through your goals, audience, and use requirements with your motion graphics agency for any project. A video isn’t necessarily suited to every goal.

How long should my motion graphic be?

While some goals may warrant a variation, the majority of motion graphics should be 90 seconds or less. That’s because audiences love quick, bite-sized content. Once you get much longer than that, attention spans drop off – 120 seconds was found to be the upper threshold in one study. Communicating your message clearly and quickly is the best way to earn their attention and their trust.

What kind of ROI can I expect with a motion graphic?

It’s been written that embedding a video in your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. At Killer, our explainer videos average a 110% increase in conversions. Motion graphics are highly engaging, highly consumable, and highly sharable, so when executed properly, they could be the answer to your visual content needs. With that said, no one piece of visual content can solve every marketing or internal communications challenge! If a motion graphic is on your mind, chat with the Killer team of designers, animators, and producers to ensure it’s the best fit for your goals.

Can Killer Visual Strategies write my motion infographic script?

Absolutely! In fact, we prefer to write your script, but are happy to work with any inspiration you can send our way. With an in-house expert team of researchers, writers, and digital producers, Killer Visual Strategies is ready to help any client put their findings into final written form. You may have a draft and need help with proofing, or you may have key insights and need help making sure the content fits your brand voice and tone. Wherever you are in the content process, Killer will work with you to ensure your content is optimized for a motion graphic script.

Can Killer's motion graphics designers incorporate animated characters into my motion graphic?

We definitely can! With that said, some styles just aren’t made to have your characters wave, walk, jump, etc. This may be because the style is extremely intricate with fine details, but there are many possible reasons why certain styles aren’t intended for animation. We’ll ask about your preferences early in the project, and your project team will clarify with you as to which styles can support this if it’s important to your goals.

My team has an infographic or other artwork that was done in-house or by another motion graphics agency. Can Killer work with that?

If you have the source files in your possession and own the rights to them, it’s possible. With that said, many art styles aren’t optimized for motion — and the goals of your motion graphic might be distinct from the goals of the piece that art was created for. We’d recommend a phone call or in-person meeting with the Killer team to talk through what you’re looking for and figure out the best solution for you.

Does Killer do live-action filming?

We can arrange for on-site filming in your project quote if needed. We also commonly work with customer-provided footage, adding animated overlays such as data visualization or lower-thirds (describing a location, speaker, or other on-screen imagery). Your Killer project team is happy to discuss individual accommodations based on your goals.


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