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Marketing with Motion Graphics: 9 Steps to Engaging Visual Content

Video and motion graphics have become a fundamental part of every successful marketing strategy today. In fact, 91% of marketers call video “an important part of their marketing strategy,” according to Wyzowl. But when it comes to production quality, many marketing videos are falling short of the mark. They’re partnering with motion graphic designers that don’t know how to tell their story or communicate their data in a compelling way. The result? Your visual content may not really be engaging your target audience.

Video Production for Marketing Pros

So how can you produce motion graphics that not only feature high-quality design, but align with your messaging and goals? Don’t worry — it’s absolutely possible! In this ebook, we outline a 9-step plan that will help any motion graphic project become a success. Our data-backed recommendations can be implemented no matter what industry you’re working on or who you’re trying to reach. Even advanced marketing professionals will learn new strategies.

Whether you’re working with in-house designers or partnering with a visual communication agency, you want to produce an awe-inspiring motion graphic that gets your message across. We get it. That’s why this ebook features practical tips and actionable strategies for efficient, goal-oriented marketing video production. Download it today, and walk away prepared for better engagement and returns.

From this free ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to produce motion graphics that are designed to achieve particular campaign goals and speak to highly targeted audiences
  • How to determine the right length for your motion graphic
  • How to develop a visual language that remains true to your branding while achieving your campaign’s specific aims
  • Strategies for designing and tracking a cross-channel promotion strategy

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