Interactive Media Design

Some of our favorite interactive designs: infographics, widgets, and more

Compared to other forms of visual content such as ebooks or infographics, interactive content has unique benefits. It can convey complex or detailed info with clicks, hovers, scrolling, and more. And unlike in an infographic or motion graphic, these effects create a unique media experience for each user. That’s because interactive design lets users spend time with the content that excites them the most, and often personalizes that content to the viewer. At Killer, we produce every interactive design with HTML5 best practices, mobile-first responsive design, and custom functionality. This is true whether we’re creating a simple widget or a complex microsite. Take a look at some of our interactive content.

Training Tools: Panasonic Performance Management through Communication

Interactive: A Model Hotel for Symmons

How one interactive infographic achieved
5x the average time on page

Interactive: Red Bull Evolution of Analog Distortion

Interactive Map: AAP Child Vaccination Across America

Series: BECU Learning Modules, Motion Graphics, Infographics

Interactive: Dangerous Things Teens Do in Cars

Interactive Series: Sesame Workshop Childhood Development

Interactive Timeline: Forbes Top Market Events Over the Last 100 Years

Interactive Dashboard Design: Ookla Speedtest

Gates Foundation Postsecondary Education

Interactive Content: Using an Underground Storage Tank

Interactive: Bluetooth Annual Report

The NEA’s Multi-Year Visual
Communications Campaign

Interactive Content: The Solutions Project

Interactive Content: TurboTax Widgets

Seattle EDC Outreach Campaign

Interactive Content: What Costume Should You Wear for Halloween?

Interactive Content: Ringing Up Holiday Revenue

Interactive Content: Sales Tax Holidays

Interactive Content: Fishing in the Data Lake

Interactive Content: Magnifying the Universe

NWAIS Schools: The Right Place for Your Child

Interactive Media Design F.A.Q.s

Interactive content can take many forms, and no one format is best. Infographics, quizzes, widgets, and microsites are just some of the options. With all interactive media, you can design in a format that turns viewers into participants in your story. Every project with Killer Visual Strategies starts with an in-depth chat to find the right path for you. We use context about your industry, goals, audience, and more to determine what’s best for your needs.

Will my interactive infographic be responsive?

Yes — all our interactive content, from infographics to dashboards and more, is coded to be responsive. If you have specific needs, let us know!

Will my interactive content work on IE8 (or older)?

Modern interactive content doesn’t cater to older browsers. Best practices require that we optimize for the latest updates in all browsers. By default, we code for IE10+ (including Microsoft Edge) and the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. That said, we know that some organizations have set standards in this area.  If use of older browsers is required for your project, please let us know at your kickoff!

Can Killer include animated characters in my interactive design?

We definitely can! With that said, some styles just aren’t made to have your characters wave, walk, jump, etc. This may be because the style is highly detailed. But there are many possible reasons why some styles aren’t ideal for animation. We’ll ask about your preferences early in the project. From there, your project team will clarify which styles can support this, if it’s important to your goals.

How do I push my interactive content live on my site?

When a project is approved, we will send you the fully packaged source code. Simply pass this code to your developer or IT team to implement. If you don’t have this staff, we can help get your project live! We just need FTP login details. We also need to know the location of your interactive infographic design within your site ahead of time.

How well do interactive designs convert compared to other media?

If your message is clear and your viewers and goals are considered at all project stages, you should see ROI. This is true across all forms of visual content. With that said, it’s been found that interactive content converts at a rate of 70%. Chat with us to find out how this could work for you!