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Infographics are among the most commonly recognized forms of visual communication design today. They rose to popularity in the late 2000s and early 2010s. In those early days, infographics were already being used by companies in every industry, and from a design perspective, they were typically very long with a standard width for screen viewing. This format remains common today, but countless other layouts and even other mediums for infographics have emerged in the years since. Killer Visual Strategies has researched, written, and designed thousands of infographics since our company was founded in 2010. 

In fact, Killer has helped drive the evolution of this versatile medium, which today takes many more forms than the traditional long-scroll, and has influenced countless other forms of visual content, from motion graphics to interactive infographics

On this page, you’ll find expert articles that will teach you the fundamentals of developing infographics and infographic-inspired content for your brand. You can also explore our infographics portfolio for ideas and inspiration.

Our Infographic Design Portfolio

Infographic: Building the Future with Mobile Construction Apps

Infographic: Building the Future with Mobile Construction Apps

Infographic: 5 Tips for Saving Money Today

Infographic: 5 Tips for Saving Money Today

Infographic: History of the T-Shirt

Infographic: History of the T-Shirt

Multimedia: Epson 3LCD Technology

Infographic: Red Bull Speed Drumming

Infographic: Red Bull Speed Drumming

Infographic: Why It’s Time to Fix the Pre-Owned Auto Market

Infographic: Why It’s Time to Fix the Pre-Owned Auto Market

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How One Infographic Turned into a Multi-Year
Visual Partnership

The NEA’s Multi-Year Visual
Communications Campaign

Infographic: Bridging the Gap

Infographic: Bridging the Gap

Infographic: First World Problems: Great Expenditures in The Wolf of Wall Street

Infographic: First World Problems: Great Expenditures in The Wolf of Wall Street

Interactive Content: The Solutions Project

Infographics: A Definition

An infographic design can tell the story of just about any subject. And it can do this for companies in any industry. The best infographics typically have a visual header with title, an introductory statement, several sections of concise content with data points where possible, and a conclusion. When designed well, infographics are driven by visuals rather than text. In fact, the most successful designs can be understood reasonably well without needing to read the minimal text.

Infographics can be produced either for the web or for print. When viewed on the web, they typically take on a long-scroll format for intuitive scrolling. However, they can also be horizontally oriented and designed to view without scrolling. What’s more, infographic-inspired design appears in everything from annual reports to webinar presentations—which we’ll explore below. When created for print, it’s quite common for infographics to also be translated into a downloadable or embedded image for web viewing, too. 

Other Types of Infographic Design in Our Portfolio

Pairing text with imagery, one of the core practices of visual communication, has been shown to improve comprehension by 89%. This is why your company’s performance metrics, product pitch, explainer video, annual report, and more can benefit from incorporating infographics or the best practices of infographic design.

Because the web-based long-scroll infographic had such a significant impact on the future of visual communication, many other types of visual content are often referred to as infographics. Others don’t bear the name, but incorporate infographic design techniques. These can include:

Check out the links above for more information and examples of infographic-inspired design work in our portfolio.

Why Companies Should Consider Hiring an Infographic Design Agency

Can’t your in-house design team tackle infographics? Why would you need an outside agency? Well, visual communication is a specialized form of graphic design. Rather than prioritizing aesthetics over all, strong infographic designers balance both form and function. They also understand data and information visualization, practice appropriate hierarchy of content, and know how to balance text with visuals in the most effective way. 

Not every designer embodies these skills at first. This can take years of practice and education to master. Hiring an agency that already possesses these skills will yield beautiful infographics, save you time, and free up your in-house team to do what they do best.

About Infographics: Company-Specific and Broad F.A.Q.s

Infographics are a classic form of visual communication. They can live on the web or in print. Either way, strong infographics show content rather than just talking about it. They use a combo of icons, illustrations, and/or data visualizations along with limited text. And since text paired with images boosts comprehension by 89% compared to text alone, infographics are needed now more than ever.

At Killer, our approach to infographic design is custom to each company. Every client is unique. So is every goal. Because of this, we begin each project with a detailed chat about your goals.

What is an infographic?

You might think an infographic is simply a long-scroll image with bold colors and visuals. Yet, the true meaning is more detailed. It’s a tool meant to distill info in a way that’s clearer than text. It may tell a story. Or, it may present facts and leave the viewer to decide what it means. With this distinct purpose, not just any icon or graph will do. Click to read more about what defines an infographic.

Do I need to research for, and write, my infographic?

Our company produces infographics from start to finish. This means that our team isn’t just made up of designers. We have in-house expert teams to manage, design, animate, and code your content as needed. And yes, we’ve got researchers and writers, too!

Our team ready to help put your infographic script together. You may have a draft and need help  proofing. Or you may have key insights and need them written up to fit your brand voice and tone. We’ll meet you where you are in the content process. Killer ensures your content is ideal for visual communication and on-target with your brand.

Is an infographic the right medium for my goals?

The best way to get this question answered is to call us! Every need is unique. Infographic design is a great choice for many goals, but it’s not perfect for every goal your company has. Sometimes, a motion graphic or interactive design might be the better choice. Other times, a print piece could work best. This all depends on how you’ll be using the piece, who it’s for, and what you hope to achieve.


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