For a successful white paper or ebook, graphic design know-how and a working knowledge of the tenets of visual communication are necessary skills. 

We know what you’re thinking. “Aren’t those mediums mostly about the text?” And historically, you would be right! In fact, particularly in long-form white papers, text still features prominently. 

But increasingly, visuals are taking center stage. That’s because they allow viewers to understand topics at a glance, skim for key information, and even understand complex concepts more clearly than when only explained through text. In this way, successful white paper designs are not only beautiful, but also aid in the understanding and retention of information.

1. How to Roll Out an eBook Successfully

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An ebook launch is about much more than making the content available for download or shipping it out in an email. In fact, before your ebook is even written, much less designed, you should know about your audience, deployment strategy, and much more. And this is far from putting the proverbial cart before the horse. Instead, this planning instead ensures that your ebook focuses on the right messaging, timing, and accompanying rollout collateral to support the launch. So check out how this article details important marketing strategies for promoting your ebook.

2. The Importance of Visual Content for eBooks

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The design of your ebook is just as important as its content. In fact, one could argue it’s even more important! Why? Because we judge books by their covers (and other visual cues), and this applies to ebook and white paper graphic design too. So make sure to leverage trusted ebook design services to create engaging results. And in this blog post, learn why infographic-inspired design is ideal for your ebook.

3. Production & Graphic Design Tips to Produce a Compelling White Paper

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How do you write for a specific audience? How should graphic design be leveraged in your white paper? And how much client-agency collaboration is helpful for success? This informative article originally shared by the Kelton team answers these questions and more. So follow this advice for a great outcome on your next white paper.

4. Strategies for Engaging eBook & White Paper Graphic Design

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In this article, Killer Visual Strategies founder and CEO Amy Balliett explains how to apply visual communication techniques to your ebook design in ways that will not only drive engagement, but also build trust. This is very important for ebook and white paper design because this type of content is often gated. In order to gather the information you’re requesting from visitors prior to downloading your content, you need to hook them. These design and strategy techniques help do just that.

5. Tips for Maximizing Your Infographic Content

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Investing in an infographic doesn’t have to be a single-use decision. A well-designed infographic can be repurposed in so many ways! From social content to ebooks and more, this article explains how to reuse your infographic content again and again.

eBook & White Paper Graphic Design: More Resources

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