Service F.A.Q.s

What types of visual content do you create?

Killer Visual Strategies is a full-service visual communication agency. We offer services that help our clients speak visually to the audiences that matter most. We began as strictly an infographic agency under the name Killer Infographics. However, we’ve evolved to meet the needs of our clients and today’s audiences. These other services include:

  • Annual/Quarterly/Monthly Report Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Conference Collateral
  • Dashboard/BI Design
  • Data Visualization

  • eBook & Whitepaper Design
  • Infographic Design
  • Interactive Content & Development
  • Motion Graphics & Animations
  • Presentation Design

  • Print Design
  • Social Media Micronarratives
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Visual Blog Posts
  • Visual Training Tools & Guides

What was the reason for the name-change from Killer Infographics to Killer Visual Strategies?

  • On June 18, 2019, Killer Infographics announced a new name: Killer Visual Strategies. The reason for this change was simple. Killer’s name represented our start in 2010, designing solely infographics. Yet for many years, we have been creating a much broader variety of visual content.
  • From motion graphics to multimedia visual campaigns to interactive experiences, Killer is capable of helping our clients speak visually. We do this in whatever format is best suited to that client’s goals. For this reason, the name “Killer Infographics” was no longer an apt depiction all of our offerings.
  • What’s more, Killer Visual Strategies is focused on service above all. We like to develop a relationship with our clients so that we can gain a deeper understanding of their business. This allows us to give informed direction on the right visual strategy for each client.
  • We don’t just produce the visual content. We’re visual marketers at heart. We use that knowledge to make strategic choices.
  • Because of this, we wanted a name that would reflect our focus on customer service and long-term client relationships. “Killer Visual Strategies,” we decided, was the right name for us.
  • To answer more of your FAQs on Killer Infographics’ name-change to Killer Visual Strategies, check out our blog post on the subject or read the press release.

What do you need from me to get a visual communication project started?

  • At its core, we need to understand your goals or the problem you need to solve. We also have our own FAQs when starting any infographic or other visual project! From there, we can develop the best solution for you. 
  • Some clients come to us with a fully baked idea. Others come to us with research in hand. Still others come to us with an undefined need. We are a full-service agency. This means we can step into your project at any phase. We can propose myriad pieces of content for a single need, or a suite of goals.

Who will work on my project?

It takes a village to develop visual content that succeeds. Because of this, you will always have a dedicated team of visual communication experts including:

  • A project manager
  • A designer (or 2 or 3)
  • A content editor / researcher
  • An animator (if needed)
  • A developer (if needed)
  • Oversight from our Creative Director
  • Oversight from our Art Director

Do you rely on freelancers?

Simply put: No. We value the fact that our entire team is in-house and will not farm your work out to a 3rd party. By keeping our team in-house, you can expect:

  • Open communication and collaboration
  • Access to a consistent team of experts
  • The ability to connect with anyone on your project team with ease
  • Stronger oversight and control over your project(s)
  • The peace of mind that everyone working on your project is accountable to our values
  • Portfolio-quality work every time

What is my role when I hire Killer?

  • We like to compare working with us to joining us for a road trip. We will take on the roles of planner, DJ, driver, and navigator. Meanwhile, you get to sit back and relax as we chauffeur you to your end point.
  • If you want to take some control, that’s perfectly fine. Our process is agile and can work with you! You can put on your own mix tape, and we’ll rock out with you.

Process F.A.Q.s

Is your process structured or flexible?

  • Our process can be just as structured as you like it.
  • Hard deadline or very strict budget? We’ll recommend structure and timelines to hit these goals. This is possible for any piece of your visual campaign. Infographics, motion graphics, and interactive projects can all flex in process.
  • Not sure how long it will take for those few key stakeholders to get back to you? If you don’t need your project ready for a certain date, Killer will offer flexible approaches. These will only be structured to the extent of your project’s needs. 
  • We’ll determine the right approach to this together in our early talks with you.

How can Killer fit into my company's process?

  • Our process is in place because it works well for most clients. Its details and flexibility vary based on your needs.
  • Once we learn more about your process, we can recommend the best way to work together to ensure success on both teams. Communication is key!

We require legal reviews of all of our content. Is that OK?

  • We fully understand that the legal review process is key for many organizations. We’re extremely versed in working with projects where that’s the case.
  • It’s ideal to know as much as we can about your legal team and their review cycles upfront. This helps us plan for necessities in your schedule, revisions, and budget before even beginning work.

Can you work with my other agencies on a project or campaign?

  • Of course! Sometimes we contract directly with PR or marketing agencies. In other cases we may work direct with organizations but alongside their partners. This can ensure visual communication pieces are cohesive with larger brand strategies.
  • When we can partner with your other agencies, mutual alignment can drive even more success.
  • We can definitely advise you on the best ways to work together when multiple agencies are involved.

How long does it take Killer to create infographics, motion graphics, and interactive content?

  • This depends on the type of project we are delivering. A standard timeline is typically 3 to 4 weeks for static work such as infographics. For for motion graphic and video projects as well as interactive infographics and other interactive content, the process is around 6 to 8 weeks.
  • We can definitely deliver work on a rushed or advanced timetable. We do this on a case-by-case basis to ensure your goals can still be met at a faster pace.

Budget F.A.Q.s

Can you work within our budget?

  • There’s a story for every budget. Because of this, we work to be as agile as possible when learning about your goals, needs, and finances.
  • If we find a budget we aren’t able to work within, we won’t leave you hanging. We’re happy to recommend alternate resources that may be able to help.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer nonprofit and bulk discounts.

Are you hourly, or fixed-rate?

  • Most of our clients are best served by project-based, fixed-rate pricing. This ensures that you know the total you’ll pay for your project before work begins. We also share what any additional charges might be upfront. That way, in the event that late-stage stakeholder feedback results in major changes, you know what to expect.
  • That being said, some projects are best suited to an hourly format. This is true when the primary goal is consulting and ideating, rather than reaching a final product. We also know that some clients prefer to be billed hourly for various reasons.
  • Just let us know your unique billing requirements! We can create a custom quote for you.

Visual Communication and Infographics Format F.A.Q.s

What tools do you use?

  • Our in-house team creates custom work using professional tools.
  • We use reliable primary sources to research content for you, should you require it.
  • Next, we use the Adobe Creative Suite to create your infographics and other visual communication collateral.
  • Adobe Illustrator is our most common tool for design. That said, some print work lends itself best to Adobe InDesign.
  • We primarily use Adobe After Effects and its plugins for motion work.
  • Our team codes in several languages depending on your project’s unique needs. We account for responsive design in IE10+ (including Microsoft Edge) and the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. If performance on older browsers is required, please let us know upfront!

What format does my final product come in?

  • This is one of the most common FAQs we get; an infographic yields a different answer than a motion graphic, interactive infographic, or other work.
  • For infographics and other static work, we deliver a .jpg and/or .pdf depending on where your design will live.
  • For interactive content, we deliver fully packaged source code with all necessary files for your developer or IT team to implement.
    • If you do not have a developer or IT team, we can help get your interactive live. We just need FTP login credentials. We also need to know ahead of time where on your site the interactive content will be placed.
  • For motion graphics, we deliver an .mp4 file.
  • For all projects, we can deliver the source files (typically .ai or .indd, depending on your project). We just need a signature on a simple license agreement explaining usage rights for the art.

Can you help me implement my content onto my site?

  • For interactive work, we deliver fully packaged source code with all necessary files for your developer or IT team to implement.
    • If you do not have a developer or IT team, we can help get your interactive live. In that case, we just need FTP login credentials. We also need to know ahead of time where on your site the interactive content will be placed.
  • We can also make recommendations on how to place your motion or static content. Just ask!

Intentional Collaboration

We approach every project with a balance of learning and leading. You’re the expert on your brand. We’re the experts who work with you to drive success through visual communication. Let’s make great things together.

Inspired Creativity

Whether infographics, interactive content, motion graphics, annual report designs, or any other type of visual content, we love what we do. Every project is a new opportunity for strategic visual thinking. Want to learn more about our approach and process? Contact us today and let’s start a conversation.

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