When it comes to interactive media design, keeping up with best practices and trends is extremely important. Our own website looked significantly different a decade ago — and though it worked for us at the time, it wouldn’t now! In fact, we wouldn’t be the company we are today if we’d left it looking the same for all these years. Throughout the history of our company, we’ve both learned and taught best practices and ideas for all types of interactive content, from sites to widgets to quizzes to games. Because of this, we’ve decided to compile this list of 6 of our favorite blog posts about interactive content, whether in marketing or internal comms, that include great ideas and examples to inspire your next project.

1. What Are the Elements of a Quality Interactive Design?

Interactive content marketing elements social media icons data visualization

What ideas need to be considered in order to create a functional, attractive, and user-friendly interactive experience? It all comes down to planning. First, you need to decide what to say and how to say it. Next, you have to determine how to organize and to display that content. And you need to make all these decisions before you code. Learn more about the components of a strong interactive design.

2. Engaging Millennials with Interactive Content Marketing Examples

park scene showing interactive content ideas for millennial audiences

Millennials seek personalized and engaging content. And interactive content is perfect for addressing both of these ideas. But the Visual Generation is excellent at identifying stale approaches and inauthentic messaging. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that a focus on quality content and a genuine approach is the only way forward. So read on to learn how to achieve this.

3. Creating a Personalized Journey with Interactive Content

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Personalization is essential to millennials and Generation Z. And they’re not the only ones. So how do you deliver? There are many ways to build a personalized interactive experience, and just as many reasons to do so. Check out these ideas for integrating personalized interactive content examples into your marketing strategy.

4.  Should You Include Interactive Experiences in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Woman engaging with personalized interactive content on a tablet with sneakers on a table

Interactive content isn’t the right fit for every goal. And your choice of medium is just as critical as the story you’re telling. So if you aren’t sure whether interactive content is the right idea for your campaign, this article can help you decide. From increased conversions to better comprehension, it lists 7 reasons to choose an interactive infographic.

5. How Great Interactive Content Ideas Can Boost Your Conversions

Illustrated desktop computer showing interactive content idea of an interactive dashboard

With quality execution, quality interactive content examples in your marketing output could help you achieve a 70% conversion rate. But quality is the key. This means your interactive design must be intuitive. Further, its content must be credible, well-designed, and light on text. So check out this post to learn how to achieve this.

6. Explore Diverse Types of Interactive Experiences

annual report infographic content example showing data visualizations marketing info

From interactive sites to quizzes, data visualization to calculators, interactive content is a world of its own. There are so many types of interactive content and myriad ways to incorporate the best interactive infographics and more into your content marketing strategy. Further, you can use them in internal communications. How? Consider interactive content for onboarding and visual training. And you can also use them in HR initiatives. Interested? Check out this list of the 12 types of content marketers and internal comms professionals may find most useful.

Interactive Content Can Solve Myriad Goals, If Used the Right Way

At Killer we’ve spent years not only writing about successful interactive content, but creating it. So partner with an interactive content expert to ensure the integrity of your next campaign.