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Expert Agency Insight on Visual Strategies, Including Infographics, Motion, Interactive, and More

As the world of visual communication expands and evolves, the need to define new terms and explore new areas of visual content grows with it. eBooks are a highly visual way to discuss the evolution of the infographic as well as the rise of other visual communication tools like motion graphics, interactive infographics, and more. Any agency that deals in visual content has seen that infographics are still going strong, but they have a lot of company with other types of visual content. In fact, companies now benefit from larger visual strategies that help them plan for and define the parameters of their visual content across the board. Check out Killer Visual Strategies’ collection of ebooks below on the topics of visual content marketing, visual campaigns, and much more.

Mastering Virutal Events Ebook Cover

Mastering Virtual Events: How To Design A Show-Stopping Exhibit

As virtual events quickly becoming the new normal, brands and marketers are looking for creative opportunities to utilize their extensive reach and myriad capabilities into existing event strategies. One of those is the virtual exhibit, an interactive experience that allows event attendees to explore a brand’s product or service. Download this ebook and learn how to hack virtual events by creating an exhibit that is not only unique to your brand but can also be taken beyond the event platform.

Visual Brand Strategy eBook Cover Page Design

How Visual Strategy Can Boost Revenue for Your Brand

You’ve invested a lot into developing an effective brand strategy. You’ve defined a brand personality, outlined what you stand for, and planned key logistics around your product or service. But how do you actually present that brand to potential customers? Learn how to develop a strategy to ensure that every piece of content you produce reaches its maximum potential. This ebook includes 3 worksheets to help you build a visual strategy for your brand.

Marketing with Motion Graphics ebook cover

Marketing with Motion Graphics: 9 Steps to Engaging Visual Content

Video and motion graphics have become a fundamental part of every successful marketing strategy today. But when it comes to production quality, many marketing videos are falling short of the mark. This ebook offers up a step-by-step process for producing motion graphics that are custom-designed to achieve your goals and reach your target audience.

Visual Language for Marketers ebook cover

Visual Language for Marketers: 2 Steps to Higher Campaign Engagement

Our team of expert visual communication designers and marketers at Killer Visual Strategies shares best practices for developing a visual language that will truly convert. No matter whether your visual campaign includes infographics, motion graphics, interactive elements, or other visual content, a well-crafted visual language can ensure campaign success.

Personalization & Interactive Content ebook cover

Personalizing the Customer Journey: How to Produce Interactive Content That Makes People Click

More than 7 in 10 consumers only engage when marketing messages are personalized to them. And when you’re looking to personalize the customer journey, few types of content are more effective than interactive content. This ebook explains how to create quality interactive infographics, widgets, quizzes, and more to achieve a conversion rate of up to 70%.

The Visual-First Method ebook cover

The Visual-First Method: 3 Steps for Producing Quality Visual Content, Every Time

The Visual-First Method is a systematic approach to shifting company culture and equipping organizations to connect and thrive in a world that demands quality visual content. In this ebook, Killer Visual Strategies outlines a 3-step approach to transforming your organization in an era when quality visual content is a necessary foundation for your future.

3 Types of Motion Graphics ebook cover

3 Types of Motion Graphics to Enhance Your Content Strategy

Motion graphics combine elements of animation, short-form text, voiceover, music, and sound design to bring your message to your audience. They often serve as the primary piece of content within a larger visual campaign, allowing viewers to watch your brand’s story unfold on screen, guiding your audience to a key idea or conclusion.

Developing a Visual Language for Your Campaign ebook cover

Developing a Visual Language For Your Campaign

A strong visual language harnesses the power of visual communication to help brands target, connect and engage with audiences on a more personal level. Learn how an agency should develop a successful visual language that best resonates with your campaign message, as well as how you can apply a thoughtful and cohesive visual strategy to achieve your campaign goals across infographics, interactive content, motion graphics, and more.

Visual Content in Social Media ebook cover

The Rise of Original Visual Content in Social Content Marketing

Content marketing remains a strong component of a successful marketing program, helping marketers effectively navigate the changing environment of brand communications while achieving messaging consistency and driving engagement. This ebook examines how the use of original visual content created by marketers is used to increase engagement across all social media platforms.

Visual Marketing Campaigns for Beginners ebook cover

Visual Communication Campaigns for Beginners

Visual communication campaigns tie all of your content together under one unique visual language, customized to meet your goals and connect with your audience to ensure consistent success. As the demand for visual content grows, expectations of consumers continue to evolve. Learn how visual campaigns are the best way to meet and exceed those expectations in this free eBook: Visual Campaigns for Beginners.

Visual Storytelling vs. Information Visualization ebook cover

The Products of Visual Communication: Information Visualization vs Visual Storytelling

Visual communication encompasses a vast array of visual media. However visual storytelling and information visualization are two distinct approaches to represent these media that will produce contrasting results for your audience. Learn which one is best for you and how to successfully implement each within your visual strategy.

Visual Storytelling ebook cover

Visual Communication: Storytelling Redesigned

Every day, we’re bombarded with multiple and complex media streams. Viewers tend to ignore text and focus on easily digestible visuals. But visual communication is about more than just making information look good. This ebook discusses how visual communications graphically represents information to efficiently and effectively create meaning, drastically reducing the time needed to understand and retain information.



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